As you open and process in your soul awakening through your bodies, there is one crucial gateway that must be open beyond heart, fear, betrayal, and misunderstanding, to the flow of LOVE and acceptance of your inner beauty and value. You may be busy in your tasks at work or in a moment of waking up and the notion of a dear one or someone you are very connected with enters your mind, and you think deeply about them ‘out of the blue’. This is because both you and the others are in the process of release and review to let things go and resolve.

It does not ‘matter’ whether they are incarnate or have transitioned into another realm. You both are connecting because it is needed to exchange and complete your recognition of the imprint and value you both had in that state and moment of time. A deceased or distant parent, lover or friend may visit you, and it is as if your last words and thoughts were exchanged (and they were either in a dream or awakened moment). In the worlds after, the deceased is processing their feelings and emotions and moving on like you are in your life, it is no different.

Since the heart must be open to flow LOVE, feelings and resolve issues, this process continues. But now even more than ever, enormous changes are occurring that are lighting up memories and pointing out the emotional roadblocks or dammed energy points. So when the notions of this happens think of that loved one or even the one that has done you great harm and tell them how it hurt you (if necessary) and release them. This action is completing cycles within yourself and the others. Focus on the process when it is evident and know this is a genuine work your soul does to make restitution and clear your hearts.

I am sure you have those feelings that you have been hurt and betrayed, this does happen, but as long as you hold this energy unresolved in your hearts it fills your space with negative. Make it a practice to release this and complete this whether you are right or wrong, for it is a poisonous residue that takes the past and places its value to the present. Be the Phoenix and waken from the fires of the past. It is just a shifting of your heart energies that make the flow from your soul rejuvenate. You are all so loved by SOURCE and are so unique and dynamic. Let this energy of LOVE flow through your hearts in spite of all you have been through.

For the hammers of life pound upon you in the heat of your trials making you tempered. You must now sharpen an edge upon your soul to cut through illusion and weld the power of your soul.


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