In nature, wind is a sign of change to come before the storm. So, know that upon your world very soon there will be many winds and many changes in the weather. For the minds of the planet create fields and the moisture of water vapour follows in suit. So watch closely soon the weather, for it only brings to form what is happening upon the world of man and what is to occur very soon.

You have been warned, for there is much unrest in the world and with troubled mindsets.  Storms and conditions shall be biblical. But be aware, many of our craft are hitting the energy vortices for we are going to trigger a reset that will disrupt the system to those encased in illusion. Many of our craft will be visible and we are making contact.

Many will remember us, as they are the ancient souls that have come here as ground troops to herd the sheep. So many are in limbo and numb in their minds and awareness. Collect with those in the know and forget those stuck in the illusion of religion and possessions, unbridled carelessness, and meaningless passion without purpose.

Feed the lives to those that are sprouting to grow, and waste not your juices with those buried in the soil that will not have the courage to germinate. If you walk into a climate of negative, learn to leave it there and do not take it with you.  There are places to dump your waste.

Learn how and where to discharge, for most if it is that which begins with a discount to the mind and soul. Leave such an environment lightly and do not load your minds with the garbage and negative energies there. Learning this lesson will fair you well in how you contaminate your inner peace. Let no one destroy your positive mojo.

Rather, use this to build upon your inner magnetism. Be wise with people and discern the vampires and takers of your peace and in doing so you will not have to keep repairing the foundations of your soul’s house of solitude and inner sanctuary.


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