The process of freedom and resetting of your presence to your soul begins by recalibrating. Your actions should be a focus to the moment and what needs to be done, not what has to be done. Whenever you feel that your actions are to compensate for your image or the lack of what you are, that’s the marker of what needs to. For this is your action to shuns and self-judgment.

This is a habit that requires a definite focus to escape and this is what creates fear and the inroads of inner slavery. Just remember, whatever it is you believe about yourself you manifest.  Start with believing in yourself and connection to your soul and higher purpose.  Be free from others as they could have a hold on you and you will spot them for they are great manipulators working upon your kindness and your caring nature.


Dear ones wake up, Quential is here to help you. Quicken and be in the moment of your being, self authenticity and sovereignty. Remember, the best service you can do is to serve your soul first and to be very clear on your goals and your purpose. And oh yes, this is contrary to what you have been taught.

“….to be a sheep and a slave. And certainly do not have an ego, for then you will become self empowered and we can’t have that to control you. We are the “Govern mentals”. We control all the other information that comes to you. We control the collective by imprinting and seating our agenda. And anything that goes against our imprint of course is a conspiracy theory, so stay down and listen to what we tell you. It is best for us, for we are ‘The Chosen’ and ‘The Elite’ for we have created the Gods and the saviours, the military might and all of your imprisonment…”

The only way out of this Matrix is for you to find your inner pathways to yourself and higher self, there is no other way.


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