The power of dreams. Do you have any idea the power of your dreams and how they can manifest things into your life? If you focus on your dreams like you’re creating a book of your life, you can create wondrous things from the ethers. This is your imagination and the power of your creative soul coming forth. Doing this with meditation and goals in mind will offset the Matrix that infiltrates you and tries to limit you.

If you continue to focus on your goals, dream and imagine what would be necessary for optimum expression of your creative side and visions, you will have learned the secrets of the Universe. Do you even realise that most people spend their life dreaming of negative things? They accumulate all their mind forces and thoughts so they get to be right about their negativity and how bad the world is. What if people were to collectively think how good the world is and work on positive things? That would be a great power.

This is why the media controls the minds of people collecting their input like little generators of a scene in the movie they like to create, all of fear to keep you dominated. Breaking out of the dream of their dream is the goal. And this is when you begin to say, ‘this is what I want in my life, this is what would make me happy’ and specifically think and bring to form what it is you want. This is when your soul and mind work together on the creation of what you want, it is that simple.

In short, your whole life is a manifestation of belief systems and with the power of your emotions you resuscitated into life. Just remember, fear is what completely dead locks all of your creation. When you have a dream and you feel good and you keep it metronome in your life, then great things happen. This seems to change as you get older, but those that stay young with their hearts, minds and soul connection never age. They seem to be different than the masses of people that have been dated and crushed in their dreams to conform, to be simple and complacent like others.

Only the true passionate souls become the creative icons of the world for they let go of why the world uses them and totally invest in themselves with their creative investment in their dreams. They never once think about what the world thinks, they are free. This is what you need to be to be dynamic. You must dream your world, dream your life and make order. Dreams go beyond notions, they go beyond hopes and they go beyond wants. Dreams work in the astral where the soul is free from opinions and conformity, allowing a space for newness of ideas from the old.

Dear souls, learn to awaken creatively and with intention work on your dreams. Learn to awaken into the astral and build the things you want with the fabric of these unlimited dimensions, and your life will excel beyond your imagination. You give value to yourself by the working of your dreams made manifest, and it is with your imagination that you make it so. Dreams and knowledge together are your power so invest in your knowledge with study and discipline for this is what Masters do.


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