You’re measured in radiance and glow frequencies of LIGHT and LOVE and it is only your heart that can catch that. For hearts in-sync pound resonance and matching energy to the things they love. Love begins with your own heart which accounts for the things you love and what you pound for love.

Never underestimate the power of being free for a moment in your astral travels where you find other Realms that are of much greater reality and love. Then this will influence your present state and expand your awareness and your desire to be. Sometimes you must dream to escape the matrix and connect with your soul. For in your dreams your true feelings are manifest and carry you to visit other realms.

Sometimes remembering is forgetting. When you remember your higher purpose and who you are, you start to forget the illusion of the world and your pains and sufferings that you hold on to for a deeper truth and understanding of the Universe. When your life is static you no longer grow and sustain your life, that is why you have to refresh and rejuvenate to watch your life.

In order to change your fixated stay that causes fixed hated conditions in your life you need to rejuvenate and this is a process much like seasons in your world. Often change begins with changing your attitude. Never forget the power of your determination and focus in your life. For what you focus on and give emotions to you essentially imprinted your life.

Your Cosmic breath and creation says you can create good things for yourself and you can also create a lot of destructive. So be responsible with your creations with the ability to respond to your challenges. Often people create more challenges than they need by the connection with others and their illusion. These can be the weeds, the bad seeds and plants in your life that you need to cultivate and turn under and plant new ones.

Choose your friends wisely, and even in company it’s very important to be selective. Whenever two bonds are together they jointly create. Understand that creation can encourage good things and wonderful blessings or they can create addictions and negativity and knock you off the course of your own reality. Be ever vigilant in your life, especially when things are going off course.

Navigate your life by your heart, mind and soul.


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