It is in the process of thinking and forming ideas and images in your mind that you imprint them upon material and this is what we call materialisation. By imprinting your intention with a goal and design you can make things manifest in your life. And keep in mind, whatever it is you are holding in your mind with your feelings and your thoughts you are making real. Some of these are positive things for you and some of these are negative.

Whatever you are thinking and feeling you are bringing to be with the power of your creation, for you create who you are and what you experience, it is that simple. So if you do not like what you have created understand this, recreate and feed positive things that are designed best with the harmony of your presence and soul connection. And the less that you are attached to things the less things are attached to you that bind you.

The more you need the more you have to provide for yourself in time and investment and consideration of ‘Who You Are’. Understand this, as you become more enlightened you need less things to stuff your brain and surroundings with, and can walk in nature and enjoy the beauty that is there, the perfection already by design of the great Prime creator.

Just learn dear souls to fill your mind with positive thinking and Universal LOVE and kindness to all living things, then you will surround yourself with an automatic protection of good intention that will not match the energies of the lower frequencies. Life is a process to learn and to learn how to create. There’s no need to be in scarcity, that is only a mindset. If other people can do it, you certainly can.

Just learn that magic is a principle of efforts guided by emotions, diligence and inside knowledge all making the game much easier to obtain the income and the outcome. Sometimes when you’re drowning in illusion it is just best to learn letting go, but instead you humans choose to cling onto objects and things which keep you stuck and drowning like you were losing, instead of swimming to the surface and catching your breath and understanding your life.

You’re all very precious souls and all loved, there is no other way. Every one of your minds is unified in the collection of fibres which all report back to the source and you’re all connected, no one is forgotten. Sometimes you just need to let go of things that disturb you and grasp on to the chords of LIGHT that will pull you away from your illusions and take you back to higher state of clarity.

Just be careful of the cords you make with other people because their creativity can be negatively used against you, as well as positively to improve who you are and amplify who you are.

It is a delicate dance, quicken yourself to the direction of your soul always.


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