Know that your mind is a biological computer, a metronome and a time keeper and it is there to serve HUE. It takes the input you load it with and patterns the breath of your desires.  You know what to load onto the player in your head consciously or unconsciously and it does not matter, as it only follows what is placed upon it as the day starts.

How does your day start fresh and anew from a rested soul that has travelled out of the constraints of this illusion? Or does it have so much programmed momentum by negative fear patterns and company that harbours resentment that you wake up with? The mind knows only the CD you insert every morning.  CD meaning conscious decisions as it were. Life changes occur as a result of the programs running, as you are the controller of the mind or you are not.

You can be the cause of the effect of your creation with a selective decision, to choose carefully what it is you want to hear or play in your head.  The end product must be enlightenment and happiness, the ending of fear and the pulling of addictions is a great start. Knowledge of the self in “realisation” for the self; the being that chooses to not be a victim but a knowing, creating and loving dynamic that walks the path of prudence and lightly upon the earth as a traveller and a student.


By finding the knowing of self you will not impose your frustrations on the things around you and others. Students of life, it is not about things and the accumulation of things. Nor is it about the religious piety for “God”, a spiritual slavery or spiritual materialism. Nor is it all about the facts and data you can stuff into your noggin that qualifies you.  What is your metronome? For whom and for what do you pulse your breath and ambitions to?

If it is for anything or anyone else but the being that is the student, then you are stuck in the endless patterns to please what is not within the inner.  Time to learn to free yourselves from the need to be something for validation, the sooner you get this, the freer the soul can be next to Hue.  When starting of the day wake up early before the noise of the collective intrudes upon you. Next, chart your solar sunrise and find a time and place where you can be in full view of the sun as it rises.

Learn to breathe and listen to your breath. Oxygenate your brain and fill your eyes with LIGHT.  This empowers the function of the brain. Now feel the warmth of the sun and metronome the breath. Take 20 minutes to fully charge your brain and eyes. Now go and plan your day with your agenda.  Eat a very clean diet and you will be off and running the being that you are meant to be.


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