Have you filed your documents of memories that you have on the desktop of your mind? If not, it is most likely the desktop of your mind is cluttered. Learn dear ones, you will be much more in present time when you learn to file past issues and concentrate on the moment and present.

If you do not learn to file the past as lessons upon your path you will have to sort through many a memory to get to your life at hand. Does this sound familiar?  Know dear ones, that it takes a lot of your energy to process unresolved issues in present time when you are still reprocessing the past that does not serve you.


The clutter acts like a wall trapping you inside your own minds, blocking your view of the world. Please make it a practice to file the lesson away and move on with a new slate and a new day, or you will be multi-tasking irrelevant portions of the past cluttering your mind. What is even worse, so many people you meet are still in their perpetual past of hurt and pain and you are often in relationships with them.

Take care of processing your moment to dream and create. Then choose what it is you wish to reflect upon at that time which does not interfere with your moment of creation and effectiveness, as a creator and a designer of your life.


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