Do not hurry your problems, conditions and self for conditions of ill faith but rather, keep things at bay in the harbour of seclusion for your soul to protect you. The harbour of your soul is your sacred space and will protect you with awareness and beauty in seclusion.

Use wisdom and love to surround you, for all things can weigh you and your reaction.  React to the situations in your life with calmness, steadfastness and clarity.   In doing so you will have mastered a plan and a destination based with soundness of mind plan.

Take heed not to react to things to compensate which does not fit the equation of what is at hand. Remember there is time for everything including yourself and this being, don’t participate in the rough waters that will throw you to the cliff.

Remember your harbour and when it is time to sail, do so with a plan and a course and you will reach your destination with the mindfulness of a Master.  Command the captain of your destiny based on your soul consciousness.


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