One must gather their thoughts and inspirations and kindle their fire before they throw the logs on so that ideas can become burned into the mind as coals of deep rooted knowing.  For if you do not have your comfort of self know then your creations can become extinguished by the doubts and realities of green wood that will surely smoother your dreams.

So is it you who must learn to stoke your fire with your own inner inspiration.  Do not let conflicting people come to your sacred fire and blow it out. That would be wise to learn, when one is not welcome in the fire of your cord and soul group.  For as you sit by the fire throwing your ideas with those in your keep, so do you burn your passions and your company and your thoughts as one.



Be mindful of who you keep in your company, for this is great influence on your inner warmth in knowing and connection to your soul. You LIGHT the fire and you should stoke your fires and not depend on others as then that makes you at their mercy.  Knowing this simple secret in life will assist you in many ways with your creation and dynamics, and help you take route to the seat of your soul and its true connection.


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