Dear beings of the family of sentient life forms, you are indeed wonderful creations and complex entities. You are in the creation of YOURSELF with a personality that is all your own and no one else’s.  So why not begin from this platform of your uniqueness and create the experience of yourself as a craftsman?

The knowing of the self is a skill and takes practice to become perfect, and that is your mission. The more you refine and calibrate yourself into perfection the more you shine to the connection of the PRESENCE that is Hue.  Be vigilant in your keeping to reinforce the power of know.

This is act of habit, to trust and inform yourself of your connection to the Universe and yourself as a deliberate being and solid in the self. For after all is said you look from your inner space and are seen as you see yourself. Thus, do not reinforce patterns of incompetency, this is not what you have come to Earth for. Know that this key point is staying in shape with your know and the doing of yourself, not as a victim or loser but as a being with direction and purpose.

Just remember you must walk on your own two feet and are fully responsible for your dynamo of being. Always remember this, the love you have for yourself is how you love others, there is no exception. You must be the self-worth of your true self. When you attenuate the force of love you raise your frequency. Where there is love and clarity you repel the disruptive entities around you that seek to feed off your life forces.

It is time to find the power of your know!



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