Dear souls, you are here to learn the lessons from your mistakes or you will continue to suffer the consequences of your actions. Many of hue hold the key to your enlightenment but have not yet gone through the door that has been opened to you. There are many roads to enlightenment and the knowledge of the SELF and discovering who you are which are personal to each and every one of you. The path of the heart carries much wisdom, for your LOVE is an eternal flow of divine cosmic LIGHT and consciousness. Your LOVE contributes to the raising of the frequency of the planet as your heart creates a LIGHT grid connection, grounding the positive frequencies to earth.

Rejoice and know that your spark from source is contributing to the awakening on Gaia, and you are part of this awakening! Watch your words, for they come from the mind and your thoughts and your feelings create your life. You deserve respect and so you must give respect. If you accept unreasonable behaviour you are encouraging it. Do not negatively doubt your abilities; know you are within the midst of great change which you cannot ignore. Just remember, all is energy in the Universe. Keep your hearts open but guard your energy, master the balance of your mind and heart. Sexual energy is the essence of creation and so you must be careful with whom you share your sexual energy with.

Your sexual energy is your life force and is the most powerful creative force of your cosmic spirit. This is your power, this is the driving force within all of nature and you can channel this dynamic energy within your life to create with your artistic expression. Know this, sexual energy like the Universal elements can create but can also destroy if this is abused, so guard your energy well. Do not share with those you do not love and just for thrills or any another sinister agenda, for you will be abusing this power and you will surely reap the consequences. Be in control of it and channel your excitement into your life and mission with a strong HEART connection.

If you abuse this energy and do not know of its power you can create a porthole for lower astral energies to influence you, for you are matching the frequency of these entities by your emotional characteristics. They will gain sustenance from your soul by creating fear in your hearts for many are looking for a human host to drain their etheric energy, and you will feel these effects. You have been warned. Embrace the lessons of your extraordinary challenges! They are there for your growth and for you to flourish as you recognise your potential once you fully connect with your divine starseed consciousness.

Every day offers different circumstances, challenges and emotions for your soul to master. Ground your cosmic LIGHT and celestial divinity to the earth and feel the wonder and beauty of the life you wish to create. LOVE your soul and enjoy your mission, be with the LIGHT and knowing of your divine self-mastery.

Anna NaRaca RA


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