Dear souls I speak to you. Do not feed your negative imagination for you will create the monster with your own force of mind. Know that if you react you are acting on the notions of others and will empower their perceptions. These will be reinforced with your inner weakness and unhealed bruises. Detach, if you are attached withdraw and study. You then must see your open weak areas as displayed by your emotional reactions. Here lies the key, this is your mirror. So now prepare for the antidote with knowledge at this time for when there is the attachment there is your antidote near the opposite polarity.

So it is all throughout nature, you can find equal energies of magic with knowledge. To escape the game you must change the frequencies and override the programs with knowledge. This is your mojo. Within the brain is the pineal gland, it has a wormhole that orbits magnetite particles with inter dimensional frequencies that allow you to create spells and forces and to materialise things. So clear this gland from fluoride and feed it LIGHT from the sun. Eat of the Spirulina to decalcify it and drink of the distilled water to purge the toxins fed to you as food.

You will know wholesome food by the energy you feel when you hold it in your hand and if you do not feel this it is non-food, nor what you may need at this time. Quicken to the forces of food that is plant based and of the SUN. Breath pure air, use ionizers to clear your fields.

It is now time, the earth is opening up the ancient pyramid centres that transmit the energies from the sun to the north and south poles. It then is transmitted from 23,000 mhz to the optimum of 28 khz. The pineal gland will know of this and it will quicken your DNA and activate the physical forms you are wearing.

But know this, you already know you are not asleep in this world and have been having intense dreams and quickening. We are getting your LIGHT bodies online. Depart from the ignorant you have zero connections with. They have no reason to know, nor do they have reason. Like a solid fixed object they will chatter and they will begin to show the dark deep sides of selfishness and their natures will be lighted up. Mind you, not religion based but soul resonance of knowing that goes beyond your teaching of limits by your governments that seek to suppress your working with those against the hue man forms.

They do not want you to gain the powers of the Atlanteans again to remember what you have to make right before your cycle is again returned and rebooted. In your pyramids there will be spirals of energy and many corona mass ejections (CME). These will activate the ancient machines of the Atlanteans. The fools of the earth will vanish and the light ones that have worked to learn humility and knowledge will now be given back their powers and knowledge and will have bodies that will be enhanced, no different than purchasing a new supercomputer to your first in comparison.

I will continue this in a more detail message.



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