What appears to be stone and ancient ruins is made out of material. Material is made out of electrons, photons, gravity and free energy particles. Everything is made out of primordial building blocks in the grid that you do not see, because your pineal glands have been compromised by your govern mentals. The agenda of the religious brainwashing that you’ve been through keeps you from being connected to the Earth in the interdimensional and higher frequency of Realms that are all about you. And yet even the very animals around you are linked into this Matrix, the real Inner Light. The ancient circles and stone works were built by the Atlanteans that came out of Antarctica from this civilisation after the deluge. By using sound and electromagnetic frequency they were able to shatter structures of what you call solid material.

These could work with the pineal gland and had a blue coloured frequency, for better words force anomaly that’s above their Crown chakra that allowed them to project with their thoughts to move and literally fracture and cut stones with their brains and minds. Of course, they were using what you’ve term zero point energy and harnessing the pyramids of the Black Pyramid in Alaska, in Bosnia and in South Antarctica. The structures created a Matrix of free energy using the North and South Poles of this planet by placing semiconductors that were made out of crystals over water and rivers that were underground. They were able to encode the frequencies upon the liquid crystal water. This grid was energised and became the machine that amplified everyone on the planet that had these force fields above their Crown chakras so that they could create and manifest things as gods.

These Atlanteans were very advanced. They had very advanced soul connection to Prime Source because they were at higher octave frequencies. They colonised this world over 2 million years ago. They were on this planet until the great destruction with wars that broke out between them and the Pleiadians and the Draconians. When they originally came to this dimension, they lived on a very large orbiting planet. There was also Mars that was a luscious planet very similar to Earth and even Venus was inhabited. Some of these worlds were terraformed by placing at the energy vortexes and ley lines pyramidal structures of semiconductors that would work with the energies induced from the solar frequencies. There was a great War between the Annunaki, Reptilians, Pleiadians and Lemurians. Mars was completely destroyed by nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, of high calibre beyond anything we have made.

This happened around 2 million years ago, so was civilisation that was built upon the Earth. A large planet or asteroid body passed near Mars pulling it out of orbit extracting the atmosphere and ionising water. It came near the Earth and the Earth was pulled out of its orbit in the water condensed from the ocean, making this planet with excess water from Mars. Currently the governments of this planet and the Elite with their special space programs were greatly accelerated Beyond Area 51 by the German’s discovery of the ancient civilisations in Antarctica of the pre Adamic races. They were able to construct and utilise the technology of these Atlanteans that were under the Antarctica ice shelves. Currently the world governments are mining under the ice and exploring recent discoveries of pyramids and technologies working with the German Nordic DNA engineered civilisation.

Current research is being done at the black pyramid near Mountain McKinley which is an energy generator that works with water underneath the land and ties into the grids across the planet, gaining energy from the electromagnetic force fields of what you call the Van Allen Belts. Your government and world leaders are currently constructing scalar weapons and assembling them across grids in these remote areas. They have made allegiance with inter-dimensional Reptoid DNA-based aliens. They do not have favour for the mammal-based Pleiadian humanoids and this is the ancient war that is currently going on at present. This is why all of this free energy has been repressed. The New World Order are working with the fourth Reich. The Nordics have a line with the reptilian DNA-based humanoids. Be very aware of what’s going on with CERN, they are opening up portholes to Saturn.

As you humans on this planet are so mixed you have been given the opportunity, and your prison world to work out your karma of illusion. And that you came from the Atlanteans that have abused life force and violated the creative force of presence, the source of ONE. The Blue Avians trap the very dark and disruptive souls and place them in Saturn. They work inter-dimensionally and the other Atlanteans have been given a chance to redeem themselves with incarnations for 25 to 26 thousand years which we are coming up to. So the Elite are working on freeing The Reptilian Draconians and powering up weapons across the world to fight against the Pleiadians the Anunnaki and the visitors from the Galactic Federation of Light. You are about to hear many disclosures by Donald Trump. And of course, this is business as usual. This is all being monitored by the Blue Avians.

Do your research and dig beyond the misinformation, you have to follow your gut. Your level of intellect begins somewhere because you’re being brainwashed from all levels, from religion to the very minds of your bodies by electromagnetic disturbing radiations and toxic food chemicals. There is about to be a great harvest and many of your Atlantean souls will be reunited with your full potential ability. Do you know what is going on, you that are quickening? Your brain functions are increasing off the scale and you are accessing rapid thoughts and creativity. Many of you that are the Atlanteans that have passed the mark and are now being restored to your function. The same is happening for many of the Draconians. This war is not about good and evil. It is about territory and this planet, their agenda and experiments. This goes beyond your comprehension of religion.


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