Imagine truth, sometimes you need to change your script and to edit your lies. Sometimes the powers of your words communicate ideas and concepts that make people react pleasantly or bad. Learn to feel the vibrations when you are around others and speak things because you will feel either increase in a positive manner or decrease in a drop in the energy. But if you base it on truth and clarity instead of crudeness and crossness, you’re off to a good start. The greatest opening to evaluation of who you are is what comes out your mouth, for out of your mouth comes a vibration of thought and sound. It is better to keep silent than to speak of ignorance and ill-will for this becomes a paragraph that points to you that people will read.

Remember, people speak different languages and they have a different frame of references. Let your instincts check on what it is that comes from what your mouth is saying. For you have two ears so that you may hear, and only one tongue so that you may speak. This means listen twice as much as you speak, that is the way nature designed you, and you have two eyes for focal points and each eye uses one portion of the brain, the left and the right. The dual principles of duality, feminine and masculine, receptive intuitive nonlinear aggressive action in mental sequence and framework of bits and pieces. And then there is the third eye which is the pineal gland. The pineal gland is your inner vision that allows the soul to connect to your body.

This is the wormhole of your soul that allows you to be an infinite being. Learn to decalcify this unit from the toxins that the govern mental use to keep you asleep instead of awake and sentient beings. The movies of zombies are exactly how they want you as batteries. They have told you this in the movie The Matrix. The batteries are the units of your soul photon energies that they seek to trap and tap off so that they can work with the Matrix units of this planet. The pyramids are all coming into line and the frequencies are now beginning to send as the Earth is opening up a new shift with the energies coming from the Sun. The Illuminati know of this for it was in the secret records that they took from the libraries of Alexandria.

Know there are technologies that are working with the grey aliens and the reptilians to stop your Ascension. Many of you are Atlantean and coming back online. You have done your time and they do not want this to happen, they want to prove that you are wrong and useless. Because the reptilians and the greys have their own agenda with evolution and investment with their own species and creations this is the war behind the scenes and even the Illuminati will be deceived because they lust for power and promises, but they will all die. Lemurian, Atlantean and Pleiadian Starseeds are taking over the biological world of the Earth and there will be a great cleansing to remove the oppressive reptilian and the ignorant humans that have proven themselves not worthy of existence.


The Earth is going to make a great transformation, a Quantum Leap in frequency, and this will be the 4th one. The lower world will duplicate itself and carry the corrupted ones to lower frequencies and the astral energies that they are about. The choice is yours, or should I say the choice has been made by your integrity and the way you have been living your lives for the last 25 thousand years. You either have innate harmony with LOVE and clarity, or you do not. You know and love all nature and animals and respect everyone, including yourself most importantly. As I mentioned in my previous teachings the higher vibrational frequencies are drawn to electromagnetic resonance of your core vibrational being that you are is seen, and it is a quantified frequency of collective holographic units in The Akashic Records. It is your report card as it were, your passport for transition.

Getting on your knees and praying is of uselessness. You are the Gods and Prime Source speaks within each and every one of you. All one must do is look through the eyes at oneself. So forget your debit card, as forgiveness does you no use. Everything is based on frequency and modulation and the script of what you are. You have formed yourself, the deliberate and awakened. It is time for the lost Atlanteans that have already done your time in this recent 25,000 years to prove your worthiness and to be allowed new vehicles and bodies of LIGHT that are far beyond where it was you have been with your limited physical units that you call a human body. The programs are programs, you are what you are but the new computers that you will be given in the new vehicles that you will receive will amplify what you are.

Therefore, if you do not make it through the portal, the Wormhole of higher vibrations and frequencies, then by default you will not be given access, no different than having a password on your computer. I will give you a small hint, the password is based on the word LOVE, but in our terms, it is embodiment of modulations of energy frequencies of love, clarity and respect for all life forms which envelops the need of the hunger for growth and knowledge. For spoken before, Prime Source demands;

You will know me when you know yourself in perfection. I am the fission and fusion and the designer of all that is, all things in the heavenly bodies and realms and all dimensions. I am you, and you are me. There is nothing that I am not aware of and in each of your mind is myself experiencing itself, and I am so delighted for you particles of myself realising just how wonderful you all are as being part of me.

Just as you can have the media to grow a crystal it will not grow without the seed of a real crystal which is a light fabrication of the bionic and metagenic fields of source mind. When you learn to orbit in that glory of what you are and to be the germination of the seed that you are in your own uniqueness then you will blossom. But within each of you is your free will. The information is already there, anything you need will be given to you as long as it fits in the frequencies and harmony of all the Universe. Duality is part of the yin and yang principles that the masters of the Orient knew. It is the two-principle spinning and creating the Zero Point Energy.

Zero Point Energy contains the positive and the negative, the distance between the two is what you term voltage. So when you create a quantum flux of separation of this reality to one another, then you have endless energies because you have a distinction that separates the yin and yang into the forces that you can use for your mechanisms, for these forces once separated have the pressures to reunite again and this will create stored energy, endless energy that you can use for your world. We have brought Nikola Tesla upon your planet to bring in the Atlantean Technologies again. It was the greed of the JP Morgan’s, the Rothschild and all the bankers that had the agenda and have corrupted descriptions of the secret knowledge that they’re not worthy of, and are creating special bonds and ties with the reptilian aliens in exchange for Technologies.

In essence they are now the puppets. That is why we are here to pull down the front screen and to show you how you have all been masked and lied to by these puppeteers. But they have served us for they have provided the mechanisms of duality so that the selections of the intentions of those that swing to either side will in effect create their Periodic Table of their soul condition. There’s so much to teach you dear souls. I am here because it is time for you to remember from the ancient Atlantean times when you were here.

I will speak to you again, this concludes the session.



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