Dear incarnates souls in your units you call ‘human bodies’, it is of the time for you to change your perception of who and what you are in relationship to the world, the governments, your friends, and even yourself. Think of yourself like a vast endless computer beyond your imagination and full of power, and whatever programs are written for you to function, that’s what you believe and know you can do. So consequently, if you are collectively being tracked and harnessed you begin to dwindle what you really are and your potential. This has been termed the veil. You see, each and every one of you incarnating for experience should remember your previous life and lives. Each of you are a string of pearls of experiences and programs that have lived in human forms, animal forms and other Galactic physical units, all to experience. But as a computer in this dimension there are programs that limit your access to what you are.

Great hidden information was once upon the Earth with history and knowledge of this so fulfilling action of life, and the responsibilities of life from your own vantage point. Your history has been severely altered. Your minds have been shamed and someone knew exactly how to manipulate and control humans. The more you are controlled it becomes like a virus on a program. You malfunction and are limited to the multitasking of your soul and the wisdom that you should have gained. So, then you begin to realise in their concept that you are a limited sinful creature and all of the knowledge that you have becomes ‘the ego’. You see, you should have dialogues within your minds, you should hear voices. These voices are all your previous lives giving you information from inside so that you do not repeat ignorance to protect you. So when you create a god, a saviour, and a devil, you isolate yourself from your own inner dialogues and your own awareness.

Then when you hear the knowledge of yourself this fears you because it is a foreign presence you are programmed to believe. The more intensity of your mind and your emotions reacting it becomes a catch-22 situation, it burns you out. It drives you further and further into programming to shutting up who you are. It creates a mechanism to where you have to exteriorise your eyes. Your point of reference to archetypal icons created others for your information and this is what has blinded and placated mankind. My case in point as an ascended master. Each and every one of you have to pass the score and master yourself in the playground of Earth or other lower Dimensions. You may find yourself being pulled in two and you will keep repeating your mistakes until you realise that the lies are real and it is only you that can change them. When I speak of being an ascended master, that is merely a degree like you term PhD. Just as you have high school grades then you go to college and get a degree.


That is a title that allows you to perform. It is set up when you meet the mark and you don’t repeat the ignorant mistakes (unless you want to) in this dimension and can vibrate on higher frequencies. I must inform you, what you call Spirit Realm is just different electromagnetic frequencies. We continue to evolve and I am by no means the total Master because I must continue as a soul to gather, radiate and accumulate more and more understanding so that I can be perfect with perfection as an individualised unit with the collective based of Prime Source, and we all keep evolving hopefully. So my case in point here is to take the information and learn to practice and become your master and incited. Because a real master will have failed as a teacher if his students do not learn. So the concept of being a sheep and going to heaven is a program that says ‘you’re okay, you do not need to change and somebody else will do it for you’.

The sheep among you may pressure you with collective consciousness to believe these lies, that you’ll go to hell and be punished for eternity. If their students do not realise that illusion is hell then many of you are already there. I can’t tell you enough that it is you that looks at yourself in the mirror and you that looks at everything and the actions that you do, and it is a product of what you are doing as a living breathing entity. This teaching is for you to transform and for you to get your connection. I can reboot your program so that you can access your inner information because you have been lied to and this is why you have health problems and mental problems and your world is awry, because it is been corrupted by conflicting programs and entities that are using your life force energies and in the trapping of souls in packages as units called human flesh and blood. Learn of your Technologies, learn of your instruments to accentuate your performance.

But be mindfully aware that you are being plugged in deeper and deeper into artificial intelligence, you are being registered and programmed as Pavlov Dogs. Your human brains are being taught to gain stimulus with stimulating light forms, sounds and conditioning. At first this information is informative and truth but you are also being inundated with mass programming that is counter truth and counter intelligent, so that you will learn to believe nothing and be totally dependent on what the collective says is reality and the term ‘conspiracy theory’. Anyone that uses the term conspiracy theory without fully investigating and understanding from that point of reference of illusion is no different than saying everything is the devil and Jesus will save you. It is the same principle of mass programming. So whoever you collect with their emotional support and reactionary programming will have great influence upon you. It is best sometimes to keep your mouth shut and keep your ideas only with a few beings that have the same insight.

It is not prayer, it is not hope and belief that changes your life. It is clarity, vision, insight and action, the right shields of the body, and being in a healthy environment. And if you dare to think that the governments of this world give one iota about you or evolution you are greatly disturbed. Why do you think they have taxes? Why do you think you’re being forced to pay tax free to the churches? These are all agendas for the masses. But truly, with any enlightened person you can see it in their eyes and feel it in their forcefields in the way animals respond to them, for animals can see. Humans mostly cannot because of the delusions. There have been many Masters, many books, and many teachings but you must have your own inner measuring stick to understand what feels right, no different than eating food. You will have a reaction where your body says yes or no. Study and learn all you can because you will have to cut the rotten portions of the illusions that are half-truths.

But when you get in touch with your soul and the interconnection you will break beyond this Matrix and will certainly come to a point where you will have an understanding and vision, and this is what your goal should be.



  1. Thank you so much. I have come to these same conclussions by myself. I need more. I am ready to know all my pearls. I need your help. Please


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