Doctors don’t heal the body, the unit itself does. It just needs to be brought into a vibrational harmony so the stations of its energy fields will be that of the human unit. Sickness stems from imbalances in the force fields, the Matrix energies that surround the human form. Just as you have turbulences and storms upon your world that cause tornadoes and ruin so do you have in your electromagnetic fields when you are just tempered and out of balance in your desires, mental and functional actions brought on by poisonous foods, bad habits and bad thoughts.

Detoxing and changing the thoughts are the beginnings of health and healing. Cancers and diseases are the result of negligence and turning away from the natural frequencies and patterns of the soul and the body. These are effects of the astral digesters and the rampant imbalances of the cells without control or mind because that has been lost and overwritten by viruses of chaotic lack of mind and consciousness. Pain and suffering and emotional conflict are encoded into the DNA of the flesh that people eat. Think of it like charging a battery with toxic energies. This is no different.

So the mechanisms of the mind, body and soul are picking up this data and have to process it when the body is matching these energies and frequencies because they are of the etheric vibration in the memories of that animal that you ate. A life of happiness and vibration is one thing, that of a tortured and miserable animal that you eat is no different than downloading a flash drive of toxic viruses and putting them into your computer and opening them up. There are programs and if you think about bacteria, they are a little units or antennas. And in those antennas they pick up and collect from the astral the soul, mind or deity of that bacteria unit that they are part of.

And the more they get into the body the more stronger they make an antenna and co-entities into your body. So if you were to see it on an energetic level you would see that there are vibrational frequencies that are harbouring like clouds or a storm above the body. If you make the vibration feel unpleasant for these by upgrading it with bio force or bio tons of energy, they will not be able to stay in the body. Once again, this is like forcefield shields. These energies are all around the body and only do their tasks when the body’s vibrations are down, no different than when there is death. They’re just doing their job.

It is the Western mind that wants to attack the little energy units or the viruses without looking at the full detail of what frequency and electromagnetic bio forces are. This is called odic force. They are all connected with strings and fibres through the filaments of all life. It is the Matrix that comes from source. Disconnection in The Matrix is what causes the diseases in the body. Miraculous healing occurs when the forcefields are rebalanced and calibrated. No different than turning the distributor, advancing an engine or retarding an engine so that all of the spark plugs are firing at the right moment in time for the ignition of the fuels, the same with the consciousness.

For after all ‘dis ease’ units are fabricated into a metrics of Unity by the primordial building blocks that are of the DNA ladder set that have been constructed by the forces of mind in the astral and photo vault tonic dimensions of the Realms you are in, the hologram as it were. Even the thought of looking and observing affects with the mind how energy flows quantum mechanics. Angry thinking, poor thinking and and a distance from one’s soul and oversoul creates a body that now becomes a host for predatory vibrational beings and astral entities seeking to feed off the dissolving energy units remaining in this frequency, and they come from lower realms.

Just as you discharge a battery to a certain level it can never be recharged, then there is death of the physical unit. If the Matrix and the plates of the bio fields are still somewhat active and the intentional frequencies of that body unit to the Soul requires more time then there is an allowance for correction if it is worthy for the soul’s evolution, understanding and allowance of the body unit to work with it. Never forget there are wardens on this planet and many of you on this world are doing time. This is a cage world, a prison world.

Dear souls, this is not to punish you. This is so that you will understand the cause and effect of your actions disruption. Units such as yourself come from all across your local Galaxy when they are brought to detentions on this world. Pain and suffering are great teachers, as well as joy and clarity. The choice is yours humans.



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