The religions upon your planet with the exceptions of those that teach the principles of spiritual connection without the “forgiveness” and someone else being the life and responsibility of your actions, are blockages to the growth of the soul. It is one thing to “think” it is another to know. Just as you have religious leaders proclaiming the way that you surrender to program your free will into submission of the agenda of the secret orders agendas, so do you have the “scientist” regulated by the same funding and thinking to limit your knowing.

Facts are facts and the innate design of your bodies and the experience of your soul connection to these machines do have specific instructions that optimise their performance. In other words, since everything is energy and works with the compounds and elements that have their properties, so are your bio-transducers that you inhabit. Everything is connected and living with vibration and the DNA within your units are no different that your memory sticks and flash drives, they record analogue as well as digital information upon the tissue and the liquid crystal of water.

In your arrogance as disconnected entities to the world you isolate yourselves from, you have forgotten the connection and the knowing. And now you struggle for more spoon fed propaganda the world leaders behind the scenes are controlling you with and have forced you to “believe” as truth and “scientific” based knowing. You see, you are given just enough misinformation to question everything as false and have no inner knowing on your own, no innergy of the self and the direction of your own mental compass. It is one thing to believe and another to know. This is your state of affairs upon your world, this why you are not allowed to journey beyond your solar system.

You have no respect for other sentient beings and life forms that are all linked to the main server that provides the medium of all life to even be possible. Again, so it is that in this cycle of events many of you have failed, however because of the controlling bankers and elite that have stolen the secrets of the ancients of days (particularly Atlantean) they have suppressed your evolution and imprisoned you that are not of their order. I will teach you of the very advanced non-mammalian entities that run your world and you cannot even see them, yet they control your governments at the higher levels and they watch each and everyone of you that begin to evolve and have your connection to the inner dimensional grid activated.

This appears as a light in the night turning on and these creatures do not want you knowing. You have no idea of their abilities. They are about 9 to 11 feet in height and have no hair and very fine light brown coloured skin with diagonal eyes and very small mouths and ears. Vast is their skulls and their blood is green. These beings sport with humans as they do their business upon your Earth and you do not even see them. They can and do implant thoughts into you and can override your bodies at will by their strong hypnotic suggestion. This is why your pineal glands are being deactivated by chemicals and toxic food so that you will not even have any defence to know of them and shield your consciousness from them.

Their main tactic is fear, and group mass hypnosis. When you have irrational fear you can often connect it to these beings that are running your planets. It is time to remember and to tally your lessons of knowledge so that the time you have done on this world will have taught you how to be harmonious and self-knowing. Just remember, your state of being is always a state of magnetic thought generation and emotional responses that tune you into the realities you are experiencing. When you have evolved to a worthy awakened soul we will reconnect and take you to deeper realities for your soul evolution.

So keep your mind and your bodies healthy and learn your lessons of all spectrum of knowledge. Just know that when you bring your pineal gland into function you will be able to access a greater knowing of the universe by direct connection and you will begin to know with your visions not to believe.



  1. Hi. I believe in what it is constantly being said about a force behind all governments and religions that controls humanity. That there is so much more we can do and achieve. But you do not say how. You do not show any proof of any human that uses all their capabilities. This kind of indoctrination is brain washing too. You keep saying we do not know but I do not see you teach how to. All you say is be healthy. And?


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