Making it through the test of life is easy when you see all the answers, when you see all the answers of your challenges in life and all that was scripted to you by your biological form in your contracts. We indeed like looking at all the answers and multiple choices all at once which is already chosen by your oversoul. So you see dear souls, you are clamouring and clinging to things so that you will be somebody without realising that you already are. You must realise, these things you hold onto for validation are result of being invalidated for lies when you first came into your body by this strange world you call Earth. This soul came in knowing that the soul was whole for most of you. But soon you were punished and beaten and told what you knew you should not be seeing, that it was of the devil or demons. When in fact it was you and your dynamic coming here with a purpose and knowing.

This is no different than if you were signing up for a cruise to a foreign land for a wonderful vacation except it was overrun by religious fanatics, whether Muslim or Christian. And they told you what you thought was unimportant, that there is only Allah or Jesus and you need to focus on that, you are a sinner and you have to be forgiven by Blood. I don’t know about you, but I find that rather ridiculous and scary. However, since hungry for the journey and needing provisions, after a few beatings and years of indoctrination you are formed. This is how it is for the soul coming into the body. It has a knowledge, because inside is the thrill and the want to live. The main tube inside the vehicle of your mind and one of the most important for understanding is your pineal gland. What better way to destroy this mechanism that tunes you with a two-way radio to the land you came from by compromising it with calcium carbonate and all the receptors of your brain, the dendrites and neural synaptic functions.

You are covered with powdered zinc oxide that goes through the blood-brain barrier into your bloodstream and on to your brain. This is why your world is being played with rampant dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t you get it my fellow followers of life? They want you stuck on this island of prisoners with no way of getting the signals back on. And even the new souls that have come as Warriors are being inundated with vaccines that stopped the new upgrades happening with the cosmic rays coming to the planet and this is being forced to all the children. You think there might be an agenda here folks? These brilliant Warriors are the ground troops coming in from the Galactic Federation and other planets. They are getting forced lobotomies to a level because the elites know, but they are the Indigo and crystal children. Many of them are the souls reincarnating from Atlantis for the changes.

Of course, when these books of Atlantis and all the other knowledge of the world was taken by the Romans and the Library of Alexandria burned down, then all the history of Atlantis and all the knowing of the secret timing and the manuscripts that was warning mankind of the opportunity, only the church knows. The church created religions and studied all of this information and cleverly figured out ways to manipulate and control society, because all roads lead to Rome. Just as they’re able to tell astrological events such as Nibiru the crossover planet, they know of all the signs in the heavens. Listen to the word heaven. Even that word quickens you. You think it is some place you go to after you die if you’re good. The word Heaven is heavenly bodies with all the planets, look it up and find ancient meaning. Hell was created from the word Sheol. The dead bodies that had disease were tossed with sulphur and wood and were burned in a fiery pit.

So your term hell isn’t a place you go to, research and find the root words and meanings. Hell was a place to get rid of disease and rotten flesh so it would not contaminate society (fire and brimstone). Have you become so ignorant in your world that you don’t even look at the terms you bank your lives with? Have you ever heard the term signing contracts in blood? If you want somebody on your property without trespassing, you invite them in. If you make a contract with that entity you’ve invited in to your house, do you let him take over? If you invited somebody into your house would you let them tell you exactly how and what to do every moment of your day? I’m sure many of you have had children and are of children. You as a parent know that children make errors and this is part of their learning process. You also know that they’re extremely creative and what knowledge they want to learn. You know this is part of life. You bond with them and they become of you, your greatest joy in life.

So why then would you be so corrupted in your mental thinking to take your child, punish him and nail him to the cross so that you can forgive your other children that you’ve created through love. Try doing this and you would be a crazy psychopath and the authorities of your world would catch that person and put it to death or incarcerate it. Now that sounds pretty crazy does it not? Yet you preached this in your religions so that you can be forgiven and that somebody died for you. I’m sure many of you are beginning to learn you die for yourself and you live for yourself. Nobody else will take that experience from you. Yet the continuing mental maggots of the flies of the world feast upon your minds with religions, lay their eggs and keep breeding the religious nonsense. After the larva have eaten enough of your mind and self-knowing you are left with just enough to be part of the herd the Sheep.

Don’t worry, whatever little Minds you have left are being connected to artificial intelligence and computers to do the thinking for you. Pretty soon even your creative abilities will be disrupted because you will be so intoxicated with the need for stimuli from light and sound and outside sources, you have lost your pathways to your inner mind and thinking, where religion has lost its hold on your societies. The new agenda will be done with artificial intelligence, like being plugged into a 24/7 video game. But everyone else is doing it and you will not have to work so hard. Religions used to be the opiate of the masses. Now it will be your computers, Facebook and all your social interaction in the props of something else outside of you, you will have lost your inner compass. You will have lost your ability in nature to even use your instincts.

And all of your soul cord and energy will be directed to teaching massive computers that are being built to study your whole population through this media you call Google. All your habits, all your searches, they’re all being recorded. Every one of you has a number and identification code. Think about it, you will have already seen it. It will all be for convenience. Your spending habits will not only be predictable, they’ll be suggested. What better way to control all of you. Soon you’ll want the enhancement. You are already being trained. Your plastic card should now need a chip that pre-dispossess the magnetic strip. The New World Order already has wonderful chips waiting to be inserted under the palm of your hand, at the web and everything you do. There will be no way to get around taxes and expenditures and you will become high technological slaves. Wondrous isn’t it?

You don’t have to worry about somebody taking your money. You don’t have to worry about carrying any objects of value. It is all in coded in a matrix. The artificial intelligence will slowly lead you like bread crumbs to a bird or like cheese to a rat. Even the people you meet in the situations you have will now be able to be written upon the great computers that they’re working on. Soon your whole world will be controlled by the reptilian non-humanoid controllers. You will have chips put in your body like you’re encouraged to do to your animals to find them when they’re lost. I hope that this lesson today taps you on the shoulder so you might have enough understanding to watch what’s happening to you and how you’re being controlled like that Pavlov dog. But do understand, we are here and those that are connected to the inner dimensions of LIGHT we will take you on to other dimensions in your remembering of your Atlantean, Pleiadian and Galactic Stardust that you are.

Those that are asleep, let them be pulled into the lower worlds because the world that you’re in will be transformed into two worlds, one of a higher vibrational Quantum Leap and its counterpart that is the world of dust in mechanisms controlled in the lower vibrations. I tell you this to give you fair warning, but of course if you’re reading this you are already on the path of realising. You’re being contacted through your dreams and your abilities are coming online. Soon you will go to sleep and you will have visions and will begin having memories of who you Are. Your ability to see things and know people in an instant will be manifested. Oh, and yes you will know that even the animals see you and come running up to you, because they are frightened and you are different than all the other masses of people that are confused, worried and rushing in fear because they know something is pending.

Many of you children who are now adults have signed up to be reactivated in your DNA with the galactic encoding coming through your Sun and into your planet through magnification of your poles. Just be aware that you’re not dealing with humans necessarily. They are breeding your world with so much information that you cannot make up your mind or know what is true, and the social pressure while you’re being left unlocked it’s very indeed convincing. This is term peer pressure. And when you want to know something more and more is being given to you on the internet with 50% lies and misinformation. Humans are not always able to predict time sequencing, but one sharp mind Aldous Huxley 1984 was quite correct. Big brother is here. It was wonderful that Snowden and his other informers, criminals and evil people against the United States and World Order have to deal with the treason of someone expressing reason. Why do you think he put his life on line?

So many of you are asleep as to what’s going on and do not even have a clue. I will be speaking much on these, so please keep an ear open.


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