You bring to life what you focus on for within your bodies are oculars of light sensors. They work like microphones and speakers. They work like recording devices of life-form and holographic images. The entity attached to the unit of the mind broadcasts these oculars and is sending energies of particle to duplicate and understand, and it is received back in the form of dimensionality. All life forms with ocular or eyes have the extended version of consciousness about them that allows them to think instead of being only connected to a group soul that is of the basic elemental life forces.

The Atlanteans were studied in the metaphysics, they knew well of this principle for it was the all-seeing eye of consciousness of Prime Source. This was robbed by the bandits of Rome that stole all the secret texts of the history of man and all the knowledge that was bound in the books of Alexandria, they took all of this knowledge and they burnt The Great Library. With this knowledge they did form a Secret order of the Masons and the Illuminati later in the 1700s based on spiritual and philosophical understandings. Because they opened up the door by misappropriating this knowledge they used it for dominance and opened up gateways to the reptilian Draconians and became an enemy of the Atlanteans.

They’re using all of this power and knowledge to keep your Society from evolving to where Atlantis was and should have been. The knowledge of the power of ‘the eye’ is that you have not just two eyes but the third eye, the pineal gland with cones incorporated therein. If you want great access and great power of thought of your own soul, first you must reclaim your pineal gland and you must cleanse your bodies and find your inner knowledge that is in union with the higher teachings of the law of ONE. Do not be deceived. All of what you know is darkness, enemies or the devil. Even the elite are all held in the hand of the creative force, the Prime Source that controls everything that we’re all part of.

With that said, when the Atlanteans started creating genetic abortions and misused the building blocks that contain the radio units that incorporate the life-force to experience, they made mockery of the gifts they had. They also were very spiritual and divided. There were ones that shot science without the judgment of the knowledge, and the great teachings of the principles of consciousness became a rogue element and disruptive to the universal quadrant of this galaxy. There was a great war between the Draconian and the Anunnaki, as well as Plaiedians.

Those of the order of the higher knowledge built their shelter because they were worn by the great father, the great spirit of all life. They took to the inner earth far ahead of the wars and the turbulent storms that destroyed all that was of the Atlantean race. They are still very involved and work on etheric levels and higher frequencies and are in the centre of the Earth near the inner crust. They are also part of the Galactic Federation and the Great White Brotherhood of Man consciousness.


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