And the heavens will appear in different LIGHT in the skies, for a great object is in the path of your solar system. The colours will change the sky so that it will look out of sorts. Great weather patterns of change and the seasons will be in great flux. The animals will be the first sign for they will sense pending danger. Meanwhile, there will be wars and events by the leaders of your world to divert your attention so that there will be no mass panic. They will have their bunkers and their mountain tunnels now recently built to take refuge. Inside many food stores and warehouses are great tunnels that lead down to tunnel shafts for business as usual, to stock the bunkers with the network of tunnels and shafts. Many stores like Walmart in the Midwest states of the US are and were transformed for off hours to stock the shelves, business as usual.

The Airport in Denver Colorado is created with deep shafts that go down to very fast networks and waylay stations for the Elite. This location is to the central grid work of these tunnels. There are 3 main tunnels that go from the Washington DC to the central United States, as well as several to the New Mexico research laboratories. One major grid goes through the Northern central valley and goes all the way to Alaska and down into areas near Mexico City, housed and connected to top secret facilities of the Advanced Space Alliance and subservient military Air Force and Naval operations. There are advanced networks that go from the Catalina Island to deep underwater tunnels for very advanced submarines and flying submersible underwater and air-space crafts.

One other outlet goes to a vast network in Alaska near Mount McKinley that connects to some of the old Atlantis tunnels and architecture. Currently great efforts are being made to open up the rest of the grid work in Antarctica to the cities of the Atlantean Empire. This has been going on since 1942 with the Nazi Germans in New Schwarzenberg bases. Already the magnetic and shifting of the axis is off by 5 degrees North East. Meanwhile, operation Project Blue Beam is being set up for false flags and some of the greatest holographic projections to cover the saviours and religious and or warring countries. It is of no coincidence that your recent wars in Afghanistan was to conquer the ancient lands for access to areas in the Babylonian and Mesopotamian of vast ancient hidden secrets and devices buried deep below Iraq and Syria, and last but not least Afghanistan. These being the centres of the Annunaki.

It has been known that in the mountains of Afghanistan are great reservoirs of rear elements iridium, tungsten and lithium. Great tunnels are there that have always been the remaining evidence of these distant civilisation. There are also technologies buried deep inside that are hidden and are being unearthed. There is a great war going on the planet and in the “heaven” and planetary systems at this quadrant nearby star gate. There is to be the return of the Great Ones and a house cleaning war for territory. The governments and factions of the Elite are at war for deciding which side to take for this great battle that will happen very soon. As the Crossover Planet X returns with it’s wings of flight through the Kepler belt this is carrying a great trail of debris that can and will discharge many fragments from the heavens that will cause many bombardments of meteors to crash upon the Earth and a great display of shooting stars.

Many new volcanos will trigger that have been sleeping as the gravity of this binary system approaches. But there is also being watched those that will return to help with the shifting planets upon this solar system and the restoration of the original grids and lay lines to be activated with new Quantum Flux Zero Point Energies upon this sector. Those that rule must have the sight and wisdom of the powers that be, and if they do not have LOVE and wisdom they will be removed. Such is the mandate for these responsibilities. Even the ancient Atlantean tribes inside the inner Earth mainly, for many very advanced units will be dispatched to assist in this planetary shift.

They of course have been monitoring the cage world of quarantined souls incarnating and working out their lessons in the sequencing of body bio units for the imprisoned souls working out their Karmic debt. Many of you know them as Lemuria and Mu and the Great White Brotherhood. These advanced souls in the higher frequencies are the Masters of the Ancient of Days and ascended humans making their diploma. They are in the power centres of the world in the Grand Canyon, Alaska, Mount Shasta, and Mount McKinley to the North. Other advanced beings of the Peruvian and Aztec Legends are working with the Polynesian Ascended Masters.

So this is what is stated, and what I wish to share in this discourse for today.


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