When you have forgotten who you are, you have been brainwashed and tortured with your soul stuck to the opinions of others and a hopeless sheep in a herd of a meaningless world. So now your life becomes a struggle for information and knowledge. You believe the nonsense of evolution, you believe that the religions are correct and that you have saviours and archetypes, without even looking into what you know within your self image that you hold when you look into the mirror that you collected with your SELF value. And this collects all your emotional pain, all the connections you’ve had with people and they definitely influence your opinion of who you are, even your very belief systems. So other than look to others for leadership or icons, saints and saviours it is best to reintegrate and know yourself, and do the necessary maintenance to improve yourself.

People that have overcome the human incarnation and all the karma and rebirthing of the lower planes finally learn the level of loving themselves being who they and are not necessary in the need of what other’s opinions are, or what they’ve been brainwashed and what they can and cannot believe. It’s not important to them, they operate at the core and they have found themselves again reunited as their essence. It’s a mixed bag of nuts, the people you choose to encounter. Many of your encounters stem from the principles that you’ve started in an early age with how you feel about yourself. Of course, when you came in you were pretty much together. You were excited about life, you had a body and you had a total knowing of who you are with trust that your parents will take care of you and this would be a grand experience. The world is complicated, people are now struggling just to survive.

It’s all controlled by banking institutions, taxes and corporations and your sense of knowing who you are now becomes a mechanism in it. So your function is to be a spiritual being and learn the nature of man and human in the experience of Earth. Know that it is control and the dreams of a very few who operate your world. You see, they have turned you into slaves that turns you into chattel. Arrogant are they, and yet so far away from LOVE and kindness but they stay stuck in these lower realms thinking that they are the true inheritors. Once again, as I’ve been talking about the ancient knowledge of the Atlantean, the Egyptian and the teachings of the Gods from the heavens Elohim, the advanced civilisation cultures that were extra-terrestrial exploring from other worlds have come to return and finish up the work to upgrade the consciousness that were stuck in body form and give them reading, writing and technologies.

We must say that there are many different body forms. As you buy a new television and a new computer, it is based on circuitry that runs electrons, photons and data that has been put into it. Your bodies are similar and are built with biotechnology design and genetic matrixing. You are just now beginning to understand DNA splicing and the recalibration of created forms to body types and the DNA cycling in the genomes. But there’s one thing different about humans, there are collections of very interesting starseed and terrestrial planetary life forms. But once again these are containers, machines that have data imprinted into the DNA work with liquid Crystal frequencies and it’s a device that is very sophisticated and ancient. Keep in mind, your perception of the world only goes to maybe ten thousand years from what you have taught in your major religions.

The evolution of who you are is not your body’s, these are but mere machines. You have many contracts and you have been induced as life force entities of consciousness into these mechanisms, but I can assure you are much more. Your consciousness is the program of you as a soul. While you’re trapped in the body you seem to think that it is your mind and your physical form that is who you are, and so you will over identify with it and lose touch with your soul and your real identity and this is how you are trapped. How can I say this? You are only as good as you believe yourself to be. You’re only as good as the healing that you have done in finding out who you are and that takes work, reprogramming and then inner quest for knowledge. That’s your choice if you want to be evolved with the growth of the Soul, but that’s the distinction between many of you.

Too many you are focusing on bodies and accumulations of digits in material things, being none of what you are and this is how they trap you. It’s how you stay busy, forgetting who you are being stuck in the rat race of the Matrix you call Earth. This was not the plan. The conquerors of the Roman armies of Alexander the Great, warring and conquering as many lives as they can seems to be the nature of the basic instinct of your human world. However, the deception is your current humanoid forms did not build the pyramids. These are the remnants of the lost civilisation and survivors of the great deluge and Ice Age with terrible catastrophes that hit the planet. There have been major Advanced beings and civilisations on this world and yes, there been dinosaurs and life-forms always repainting a canvas of experience in this library of three-dimensionality and duality.

But any world that you go to, the planetary body is alive and has a sentient soul that maintains it. Just as you have a brain and your body has an inherent knowledge of what to do by design, so are all the animals life-forms kept in this great wonderful world. And the mind of the feminine soul on this planet, the deity, is far beyond what you pride yourself to be with your limited human understanding. There are male entities in the dynamics of this gender which are energetic principles, not sexual organs. The feminine and the masculine are in short, the positive and then negative polarities. The North and the South of a magnet. You are just beginning to understand magnetism but you don’t even understand how much deeper this is. In the Universal principle there is duality. Such that you cannot have a magnet as your calling without two poles.

This is why you have a woman and a man. This is why you have haploids of genetic material transferred in the chromosomal packages. This is why you have an X and Y chromosome and why you’re bipedal which is the most common form of human body types. As you have a left-hand you have a right hand, you have a left hemisphere of your brain and you have a right hemisphere of your brain. So their principles of the female on your planet, the female spirit is the creator of Life ‘the womb’, the dreamer, the emotional maker of feelings and water principles. The female on your world has a wormhole which is the organ of the uterus. In this mechanism forms a grid pattern that call spirits to it, but have the metagenic vibration that is suitable for what the plan was between the mother and the father and the entity. Men do not have a uterus, so they are different.

Men are the logical aggressive principle that takes everything into pieces, controls, dominates and enters so his semen conquers the world of the ovum carrying both the X and Y of the union. Then in the egg it becomes fertile because of the divine energies of male and female which is the only way to create life so both are important in existence. Both of you are different in your genders. You have different principles but neither is better than the other, they are all necessary for life. Currently, unless you have genetic insemination and laboratory DNA modification and cloning you cannot procreate without the man and the woman. The word woman stems from womb man. Now comes the dilemma. Those that have corrupted your connection to Earth with banking, slavery and wars are now taking down the principles of your very nature and telling you that there are no genders and that it is cool to be neutral gender, that men and women should just be as one.

This is like taking a bar magnet and permanently making a circle so that now you have no magnetism of one that deadlocks the force of being. So this teaching is hopefully to help you remember that there is massive brainwashing going on, divide and conquer. Different symbols of the rulers and the Warriors create confusion and fear and weakens the subjects to reprogram. This makes them necessarily dependent on a system that cannot let them even survive to the basic nature of life’s breath for food, water and the very fundamental realities of life. And with that you will have the New World Order. But the machines without consciousness and souls are what lock the purpose of what you’re all about. Those that dominate your world are not physical contacts, they are interdimensional beings and they are intentionally downgrading the experiment and the ability for you to make retribution and advanced again of the Atlantean you once were.

They know that when the return of the beings of Ra and LIGHT come from family of Lemuria, the Egyptian and the pleiadian and sectors these things are very Advanced. They would hope that during the tribulations and trials in the prison that many would have pulled it together, learned their lessons and got their scorecard together for what they lost in the previous civilisation. But there’s one thing that really disturbs them and that is when the beings cannot even understand the basic fundamentals of biology and human nature. They are now so corrupted in the very life forms and creations of life in the way that they treat their bodies and other animals and how they basically live. I can assure you that most people on your planet do not want wars. They do not want to work just to keep a roof over their head. Don’t you see? You’ve all been duped.

It is only the sharp ones that will make it. They will have found the inner keys and the interdimensional good work realigned with these metagenic fields to escape the grid work of these beings that have mass hypnotically controlled your planet. These beings are telling you to not pay attention to the advanced beings that have come here to free you and are working with those that are ready for the harvest, upgrades and the release. They are the ones that are the wardens so there is about to be a great battle. It is already started by breaking down society and making the planet totally toxic with the agenda for elimination and extinction of mankind, with the elite and Illuminati doing all the work. But when it comes to the point where it affects the planet and its evolution then the Gatekeepers return and their sequence will be a great cleansing.

So some will advance. The illusion will become trapped in artificial intelligence and mechanisms for the agenda, the direct audience in the hybridisation of human forms with their DNA and artificial intelligence. Just know that they are not evil, that is just who they are. Just like flies and bacteria on your food is annoying, they’re all life-forms doing what they need to do and they’re all part of the Oneness. Once again, everything works on frequency and you will be magnetised to that which you are in your core. Your magnetism increases with the voltage of your thought and with intention, so that is how you draw the principles of what you create in your self-identity.



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