Is it beer in mind, or is it bear in mind? Not really, it is being naked in mind ‘bare’ that allows your mind to absorb the newer information. You humans on the world have been so isolated to having any sense of value. It is like a coke bottle in an African rural area that has value, like your movie The Gods Must Be Crazy. Once you return home, you that still have vision and a heart of gold and purity of mind will remember, and you will know of the power once held. You know this is real, it is time to stop forgetting. We are here to activate you again, you the Bringers of the Dawn, of the Atlantean, Pleiadian and of Mu.

With the rotation of the Earth and the pole shift the spell will be broken and you will remember. Just be aware we have returned and your governments are trying to create machines and weapons against us. Soon they will deceive you with graphic images through your device and video games that are so real with high technology you see in your movies as you sit in your chairs with the seats rockin to the sound to surround as you put on your three-dimensional glasses. It is here, they just project this into the clouds and this technology of cloud projection is called Project Blue beam.

So be aware when you see the signs in the heavens. They will deceive you and try to unite the world against you. They will turn the military against the invasion of the enemy, which they call us. They will form armies to battle the Space Invaders. I wish to inform you they have already invaded your planet. We are not here for that.

We are here to offer you a pardon, you that spend 26,000 years in a prison world. This is a great time but it will not be as easy as you think if you are still delusional and part of the Matrix mind that has induced itself into your very core thinking.

Be aware and look up Dr. Von Braun. Even he will tell you of this agenda that was started after Project Paperclip since 1945, when they were firing scalar weapons and working with the Germans to create an outside enemy to unite the world into one new fourth Reich. Again Schwazenburg ‘the Germans’ were very appraised of the occult knowledge and accessed the secret maps and stories of Atlantis. Know that your US government is part of them and hence the Illuminati. They are uncovering this ancient technology that is your heritage for themselves.

They have our mechanisms and they are learning of the Technologies to share with the Draconians. But I might add, that was over 2 million years ago and the best of their technology will be like peashooters because we can make trans dimensional and high vibratory Quantum leaps in an instant. Because we are so spiritually advanced we know their thoughts before they even do, but you too detained Souls. We are all returning remember that, you coming online are our Trojan horses. You know who you are, we have already contacted you.

So grow up, get into shape and get ready because we are depending on you ground troops. The great movie is concluding, just remember which is the theatre and the real world.



  1. Our world is a fiction and we are the show , we are being duped by a multisystem that plays the good and the bad and we are also the spectators . They manipulate our intellect , our beliefs , our duties , our religions and our reward is materialistic . it is time for disclosure . we need to see the reality of the matrix to awaken and reveal what has to be revealed.


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