Listen to the voice within you which is the tap on the shoulder, the ‘intuition’. Many of the voices are your own soul for you are multi-dimensional beings, all of you. Let’s not forget that you are but one pearl on a string of lifetimes and the master you seek. It’s really the soul that wears each body as a sign of spiritual wealth and completion, and as the soul looks at each pearl you remember that lifetime. Each lifetime is a personality of a cell such as you. All of you are linked together with experience and wisdom. So do not to worry about what others may tell you, that they are your ‘teachers are gods’ for if you look beyond the wisdom of your own soul you are actually falling asleep and becoming controlled and brainwashed.

The wisdom that you are has been through many lifetimes, many distances and in many forms. There is the ‘knower’ of knowing for upon your world you seem to look for icons, Religious figureheads, guides or Gurus. Somebody that has arrived at the self-knowing and Oneness with himself that’s different from the flock is connected to source. This is something you cannot do until you start to listen to your own voice of who you are. Many are your teachers keep in mind, but your real power is half asleep. You think that you are your body, when this has been scripted by your mother and father and your social upbringing.

As you get older the spirit comes with a pair of scissors as your waking experience brings you to question things and to dig deeper. Within this process you turn yourself in and you listen and you feel. Then in doing that you start to hear the voice of your own soul which cuts the strings of both parents or anyone else that you have cords with. Then after the cleansing you have to find the strength in how to pull your own strings and then realise that in the process of releasing, when you want to do something it happens and it is up to you. You must master your will again for this has been dormant.

The real path of self-knowing is self-questioning and once the strings are all cut your needs and ties with people will change, especially to your parents and even your family for they hold you in an image that entraps you. This is your real Phoenix Rising, when it does not crush you with all your aches and pains or like the hammer of a blacksmith pounding metal to temper you. It is only then that you are worthy and strong to be cut into a sharp sword and when the soul has picked you up and cut and polished you, then it is so proud and you are part of its protection, for you have now become what you want while even in the flesh.

When you become the tempered sword you can cut the cords that entrap you and your wisdom, this is the purpose of your sojourn on the many worlds that you experience.


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