So much is being spoken these days about finding the moment being in the present. A Zen approach indeed, but in the higher realms there are different frequencies that you modulate to at least most of your essence. You see, as you begin to change your vibratory rate you have different experiences because you have a different frequency pattern. Remember you both receive and transmit every moment whether in a body of the physical flesh or in your spirit body, it is all the frequency modulation that you do. So in reference to being in the moment, think of this as turning a dial and fine-tuning a station that you care to listen to and resonate with. When you do that you focus by pulling in a signal of concentration and energy, no different than a radio station your tuning into.

And there are many radio stations and many broadcasting on your planet, these are the minds of every individual. When you begin to be around other people you form a collective resonance pattern. This is called collective consciousness and this is why with every member of that collective there is a participant in the bandwidth of the frequency that you’re experiencing. That is why when you meet people one day they may be different the other, and how you are with them by their emotions is very infectious in a positive or negative way. This is why you must keep your force field and your concentration strong in the moment with your self integrity and your own dynamic overrides much of this noise. When you want to accomplish something, if you’re trying to tune into many stations at one time all you will get is static and you have no way to concentrate your field of power.

When you’re totally concentrating on your field of power you manifest and flow with things. That’s what it being in the moment is. Too many of you are not in the moment, you’re trying to worry about too many things at one time and you overload and block concentrated energy patterns and this scatters your field when you’re not focused. A magnetic flux which is what everything in the universe has is a field Vector. When you learn to use these field vectors you can become a very creative dynamic being but you have to override everyone else’s thought forms in mind, including your old patterns that have been programmed into you. Sometimes reaching Enlightenment is unplugging, turning down the noise within yourself and everyone else and just quieting and focusing on to that station within yourself that you wish to be.


How can I say more simply? It is likened to someone that’s been hypnotised in an audience. They’ll say ‘sing like a famous person’ and they do because they’re totally focused on the command overriding what other people think or even their own limitations. This is why when you’re hypnotised by the mass media the mental controllers of your planet with their agendas to run your species take over your birth right of who you are and your consciousness. You’re just so fragmented and powerless that you need a saviour and the religions that they created to even further hook you into the rabbit hole of slavery and sheep. Think about it. They tell you not to have any of your dynamic and not to be proud of who you are. They tell you to follow somebody that supposedly live 2,000 years ago that died for you, or some other religious figurehead and has nothing to do with the dynamic that your very self presents.

May I remind you dear students that you’re here to learn. This is a school and there’s nobody out there taking your test for you, you’re taking them yourself. Your very actions, knowledge and self improvement is what life’s about. If somebody is trying to offer you a cheat sheet and the answers to all the questions then you’ll never study and you’ll never know. I can assure you there are vast amounts of knowledge that you can obtain and that is for you to accomplish. Life isn’t about someone else filling in the blanks in the multiple choices. There’s a definite distinction between knowledge and the experience that each entity has and that is called wisdom and this is what marks the soul that is the nature of the temperament of that being inhabited the body.

And no, you are not all equal. Anyone that tells you that is delusional. Some of you have higher frequencies and have higher integrity because you’ve learned your lessons and you’re finishing up your graduate work from this planet, your prison world. Until you make the grade you will not graduate. Your soul has to have a certain quantum of energy, consciousness and LOVE otherwise it’s doomed to repeat in incarnations on this prison world because you’re not ready for the higher realms. You still need to live your boring life and that’s okay, you have all the time in the Universe. But do keep in mind, there are tutors like myself that work with you and see those students that are keen and want to grow. They are signalled by radiance of light that is around each and every one of you that is your resonant frequency.

Dear souls, knowledge contains wisdom of sciences, yourself, your connection to nature and your very vibratory frequency of being in the moment. For one to continue to shoot a bow, if you do not take the effort to hold the arrow and practice, so is your life with your mind and your soul. You must be the archers and understand that the mind is the bow and your arrows are your intentions. The thoughts that you fire off when you learn to focus will hit the target, and this is what being in the moment is.


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