This story begins with a young boy and a girl that were told to write an essay and use their imagination. They then began to talk about the land keepers of Central America, an ancient tribe of Indians. These ones had the power of stones and crystals and in the caves all through the lands of Central America, Peru and South America the best tunnels were made. Somehow, as these children started to tell their story they began to remember more and more, almost as if they were incarnates again to speak. At first this was a small article published about some rare phenomena in a school in South America, but as luck would have it some recent findings concurred the actual foundation of what was being spoken in these stories.

As the children began to gather and form groups they played with their imagination and it had created a hole in The Matrix. Other souls began to speak that had come from the societies of these advanced American Indians through the Americas. They began to talk of a great civilisation that was very nice and connected to the Earth. They were also connected to a race of aliens that had come in their craft centuries or perhaps millions of years ago. They talked of being the survivors of those that came from their mothership, ‘the Great Moon’ as we know it in the skies of the night. It was their ancestors that worked with stones, gems and all the minerals and connections of the animals and kingdom of the Earth and the great spirit of the Earth.

But somehow as people began to talk, more discoveries were found and soon they realised there was a whole civilisation through all of the mountains in the Amazon Jungle. At first this got government attention but then the information coming to press started to reveal the recent discoveries, that the armies and the secret intelligence were just discovering great vast machines and levitation devices that work with simple stones, so they thought, but the chemistry of the stones was nanotechnology and somehow it infiltrated the grids of the Earth and this was a great source for the ancient worldwide dwellers of far long ago. Once this got out more keepers began to speak and the children began remembering things, and more and more people began to talk as if they had lived there incarnated now as a young child.

They discover that all of these rocks along the gridlines ‘the ley lines’ recover vortexes of power points and that somehow the stone and geometric shape patterns created a force field that was coming online again as another planet was returning. It was as if there was a communication with the Earth and these old ancient machines which were now beginning to vibrate, make sounds across the world. At first the governments were worried, for only the Elite knew. But a strange phenomenon happened, the more the children wanted to use their imagination the more they were actually seeing things that were in fact the first discoveries and good work of civilisation buried which is now seen with special filters and satellites.

Something was awakening and the controllers were alarmed because they had been warned new souls would be coming to teach again of the great ways of the planet. That we are now going to re-manifest this and the gatekeepers were the crystal children, the ancient ancestors not of this world as we know it, but before. This is why governments were wanting to give vaccinations which were in fact elements to destroy this information and the genius of these new children that came in and are coming in with new powers as awakened souls with a knowing. They even gave them Ritalin and other fluoride substances so that their pineal glands would be shut down. But the more of these beings coming through began to create a vortex that had once been the union of the minds of man with these stones, elements and machines of the world.


But there was a sign in the heavens and a red kachina planet that was changing and signalling the grids on Earth. These were the ambassadors coming back because this had marked a sign that the Earth was now entering into new Quantum flux metagenic fields. These ancient machines were here and built by those of Gaia, the Earth soul. Sudden changes in the planets with volcanoes and earthquakes began to come at great heights and frequencies. Even the sunlight from the days began to look different and shifting. Although the government works hard to coat them with chemtrails to hide them from the masses and to increase the inoculations of aluminium oxide, barium and thorium, the infiltrating souls began to come in and awaken. However, many came in way before recent times.

They were looked as the strange ones, they had instant knowledge and they were so intelligent. They were the wisest of teachers from Atlantis, The Pleiadians. It seemed as if this sector of the solar system was moving to other areas in The Matrix of the Universe. Things were triggering activities on the planets that were coming into generation including the Moon. All of this was spoken in the Library of Alexandra. Even until the 1400s when Columbus came, they went to look for these ancient devices known all about this world. When the Romans vessels travelled the seas to look for these great lost civilisations, not only did they bring the blinding religions of oppression, they brought diseases and killed off the Indian populations and took over their land. All of these secrets then became buried into the ancestors of the Hopi, the Navajo and the ancient of Central America.

This ancient civilisation was now called ‘wild Indians’. Ignorance and all of their minds and presence on the planet was corrupted, so no longer could their skulls harbour any thoughts of imagination to keep the legend active. All of the mounds in the civilisations in the Great Lakes where there was writing, mathematics and knowledge of the stars was taken by the Roman Church. Even the large Giants, their bodies were taken and dumped to sea. Those that control the Earth did not want the dwellers to remember their ancestry, for if they did the masking of the religions and their oppression might no longer serve the illusion and keep them in power. The new minds coming in began to remember and somehow they had the knowledge of Atlantis, space travel and that Universal grid work of light fibres that connected to the Father, the great grandfather source of all that is.

Those in the machines that are huge and vast for new times on the planet are returning because the new grid work is opening up and doorways and wormholes into other dimensions are now forming and there’s going to be the great cleansing. It may seem like a terrible time so you’re taught that this is the end, but this is merely the beginning. Much more information will be coming through for it cannot be hidden from the new souls that come in. Their minds will begin to unite and speak of these lands and the magic will be the breath again. The souls are what make these machines work and they are one with nature and the Earth. This is the new order in the garden of creation and once again this land will raise its frequency.

For they knew how to work with crystals, semiconductors and magnetism and they made great structures under the Earth in their caves to harness the energy of this planet that not only work through machines to control the weather, it was also that which gave the power from the other dimensions to come through. In fact, this planet was a vacation world for other Star Travellers to come and visit, very similar to a Disneyland and Disney World. It was a lush garden full of Dinosaurs and huge trees and everything in the wildest of nature, tamed to work with inhabitants. These crystals worked with sound and frequencies of the vocal cords, they would amplify and they would speak back the language of the great planet.

These were magnificent machines and with their magnets and their crystal lasers they could cut huge stones and place them into wondrous harmonious buildings and structures. Yes, this was a distant time, but primitive by no means for these loving beings. The church was there to steal all the gold and all the information and just say they sacrificed humans to the gods and be ruled by fear. But who in this present world would believe that when it is the leaders that are bringing war and oppression? All of that which they said was of these primitives, but those from the stars said they would return and now they are. There’s a new cycle upon the Earth, a new format and all of this will be upgraded.

So the destruction really is the Western mind and the oppressors of humanity. They are the ones that will be destroyed as a civilisation for they’re not worthy of the World. They have destroyed the seas, the oceans and all the wildlife and call of nature which encapsulates the LIGHT force of creation.


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