You that have the awakened eyes in the mind, remember that is your nature. Also remember, the world collective belief systems and people with limited mindset will not have the information to think beyond the herd. So keep your finger on the pulse because if you continue to talk you’ll actually do a disservice to your reality for their very limited perceptions to be on what they want to believe. And all this does is frustrate you because they don’t have the bandwidth nor the interest to look beyond to find the true nature of history and who they are and what the world is.

These are the minds that would rather stay on vacation and play and never achieve much beyond cradle-to-grave. These are the people that just hang and work with mediocrity. Go to all those fine souls that have never lost their quest for knowledge and the philosophy of life, the seeker of wisdom and truth. I salute you, for you have captured the meaning of life and can harvest much during your duration of time here. Just keep in mind what you feel is real. As you are feeling limited and judged, so are they judging you if they don’t understand and therefore the reaction is to think you are strange and non-conforming to the pack.

All you can do is lead and teach by example and let your light of brilliance shine through. People that are not self-dynamic must cling to reflective mirrors to have a sound cord of individual and collective consciousness. Those that can talk to themselves and be by themselves are never alone and are unique and dynamic. So I caution you on your attempts to placate and communicate because the more you know and the more enlightened you become the harder it is to relate. This is the last thing you must know and bring into your vibration so it doesn’t bring your resonance down to their level.

Here comes patience on your part and if you don’t speak their language other than your talk it’s meaningless. Dear souls, learn what you can in science, archaeology and self-study. For these become the building blocks that help you connect with us which are far more advanced than your plagued human society upon the world. When the world lacks love and respect for the land that it lives on, when there’s disrespect and lack of love, a society will never advance. Such is the state of affairs upon the world because of greed and manipulation by your govern mental and religions.

Unfortunately, this civilisation of yours has failed immensely and should have been much more advanced than this time. We are all very disappointed and now must intercede. However those that have made the mark, they have endeared and this has created the temperaments to reprogram what they have to do to get them to recalibrate to the wondrous opportunities of existence beyond the slavery of your current Matrix system. Learn to question your feelings and to inventory and ask why. For this is a learning lesson and you have the information on the way out always, but you have to depend upon your inner knowing.

The more dependent you are on others that are misled, the more infected you become by the pack mentality. As you begin to arrive at a good footing within yourself, then and only then will you meet others of your similar vibration and understanding and they are as rare as the gems of the Earth and you have to dig for them. Just remember to grow in your knowledge and wisdom and free yourself from the pulling of materialism and addictions. For when you reach the higher levels of existence the joys that you would be on the temporal pleasures you have with a human body are so limited by the spectrum of what you can feel, absorb and understand.

And to all of you that are out of your mind I embrace you, because now you are within your soul and the knowing of the universe.



  1. Gillian Wild This is very appropriate to what I am realising & feeling! What a waste of time in life but meant to be otherwise this would not be – awakening to higher possibilities! Thank you as this has answered a question which I asked myself this morning. Ask & you shall receive – knock & it shall be – thank you!


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