Very many people live their lives at the continual pace of compensation because in their hearts and their self-love they are at a deficit. This has been brought on by rejections, lack of love and social crises in the formative years of the life of those individuals. All too often children are the projection of the hopes of their parents so they can look at themselves and not the children as individual souls and a blessing. You see dear souls, how people feel about you is often how you feel about them. Make no mistake, these validation signals are very real and you can’t hide them and ask them because that is disingenuous. How can I tell you that the formative years of a child are the most impressionable?

When a soul is fractured it doesn’t have self-worth, it lives its adult life through the personality always trying to prove those memories that have never been resolved. You will see these people in all walks of life but they’re not integrated, they are emotionally reactive and out of touch. Until they can retrieve a balance of inner growth and validation to their younger years they will live the rest of their lives trying to prove and heal these fragments like splinters under the skin that have been filled with pus and infection. It is no different to the sake of the unloved child. So many people have their solar plexus and their hearts protected and armoured because at the core the child never grew up and never integrated and loved itself.

And to reason with these people you have to treat them like children and speak a language of a child to reach them because they are adult children. Somehow or another they stumbled along with their lives pretending to be adults and if you happen to be involved in a relationship with one of these, whether marital or in a working environment where you’re under contract of sorts, it affects your mind and your emotions begin to resonate the same frequencies and patterns of distortion. In some societies, they knew of this and other adults would take the child in to teach them and they could go through the rites of passage into manhood and womanhood.

Hidden incompletion and patterns of pain often cause people to have a pile that they must see through in order to be touched. Often the growth of the soul is to look at your inappropriate behaviour patterns and at what point in your life you were rejected and hurt and there you will find a definite moment of contact that you were invalidated in a crisis that was never resolved. How can I tell you the importance of sitting down at least once a week in the sunshine and just saying to yourself that you are valuable, that you are wonderful and embracing yourself on all levels? Do you realise how often people neglect to do this? You see, as you love yourself people will see you are the one that describes how you are with others.

If you have a dysfunctional family seek help, counsel. Sometimes your soul can be an adult and help you address these points if you’ve reached a certain level of awareness. If not you must seek professional counselling. Emotions are wonderful magnifiers and amplifiers of your existence, but they also light up your hurts and pains and sometimes those are not even in present moment and this is what you need to get into contact with or it will affect your reality. Often adult children seek the playfulness of other adults for they have matching pictures of realities and this is a co-dependent creation, but does not resolve the growth and the healing that the soul desperately needs with the personality in the body.

Learn to resolve and to discover your inner pains and amend them so that your patterns of your present life is not shared with the remnants of the infections of the unloved child. This is like a virus that is likened to a pop-up on your present computer of the mind. You must learn to delete them, to reboot and reprogram yourself with love and integration and learn to be proud of yourself. If you begin here you’ll be a better dynamic to the world of yourself. Following religious figure heads and saviours will only act as a band-aid and you’ll have intense guilt and become even more out of balance. The journey to enlightenment begins with the love of yourself and the healing of the child into the passage of adulthood and wisdom of the soul in unison.


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