Are you aware of your soul mission and life purpose? With many of hue activating you’re fully recognising what needs to be healed to be ‘achieved’ and you value the connection within yourself. You know that when you empower others you empower yourself as you are in alignment with source energy through the bringing of joy by accomplishing your goals and lifting the spirits of others. You value your experience and connect with people on a deep level, a soul level. However, always be mindful of the negative emotions directed towards others that can halt your spiritual growth.

Jealousy for example, fans the flames of desire that burns your hearts to ashes when you see something that you do not have. This emotion limits you, for you do not believe you are worthy to have what it is you want. Focusing too much on others will steer you off the path of your own life purpose and mission by disrupting your inner peace. No one is beyond this emotion, but if you look within your core you will discover the divine wisdom and message this brings from deep within your soul, for the fire of the feelings that lights up your insecurities can bring about positive changes by the recognising of your triggers, and this can illuminate your path to greatness if you choose.

Know your soul and creativity, for you are all wonderfully gifted within your own power and sovereignty. Having a deep connection within your own soul leads you to a better understanding of yourself and any karmic debris which may need to be cleared. Karma is the return of your own energy you have given to yourself and to others. Just remember, when you are focusing on others and what they have, you are not focusing on yourself and life experience which you need to fully integrate with to truly know and love your SELF to complete your life mission.

When negative feelings arise, open up to the spiritual teachings that your soul is showing you with these emotions. This is your cue to grasp the abundance the Universe has to offer by harnessing your own wisdom with the knowing that you are worthy of great changes. The magic of the soul is infinite and your creativity knows no limits, for it is the mind that binds you to this realm and to lift your hearts comes with the shedding of old thought patterns, feelings, pains and struggles. You need to become empty to be filled with the magic and LIGHT of the cosmos. Many of hue are carrying around psychological infections from your earlier years and previous lifetimes.

Dig deep within your consciousness and honour your soul with the letting go of emotional baggage from the past. These emotions will only anchor you to hurtful feelings and you will never move forward into divine radiance. Turn away from the lower frequency entities that cannot comprehend the power of your LIGHT for they are buried too deep within the matrix and this will affect you greatly. And the importance of a clean diet with the abstinence of alcohol and other mind altering substances such as narcotics and prescription drugs is imperative to heal, for a clean vessel helps bring the soul into alignment with vitality and brilliance.

Hearts open with radiance, dear souls.

Anna NaRaca RA


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