Dear souls, you forgot that you have sovereign rights and that they cannot be invested unless you allow yourself to be part of this program. So it is by “giving” permission through contracts you make with people and agencies that you are lead to be lead and must suffer your agreement to be compromised of your supreme rights. This is manifested by trusting others over your own information and value of your soul and its experience that knows YOU better than anyone, for it is your keeper. Knowledge is the first thing to remember and to gain for the solution to ignorance, and you have a choice to encompass this into your lives dear souls.

What is the main ingredient in your religion contracts? You give your divine sovereignty to a belief system that you think you can trust for your dominion of your soul, great mistake. Think about how many problems you have taken into yourself by your union with toxic people bound by what you termed love. It enslaves you when you learn to reason from your own control centre and this is what the world is enticing you to. Artificial food destabilises your neural networks and thinking. Mass EMF programming is now being used to stop your connection to the very Earth and nature and Universal waves that you would normally cycle with.

Massive birds are dropping from the sky, whales and dolphins beaching themselves. For the very world you are in is being tampered by Enki and his clan to rewrite nature and even the weather. Lily waves at your homes with Smart meters, your Wifi routers all syncing you to an agenda you are being drawn into by the NEW WORLD ORDER. Their goal is to enslave you through bots, resonance chips and nano probes that are invading your body as they spray. There are 4 worldwide main servers of computers that know your every move, spending habits, religious context, level of intelligence and programming saturation levels.

You are being sucked into a grand artificial network and are jolly going along with it so that your own inner system of knowledge is being mass-minded into mass groups and force generators. This is coming at a time when you could be freeing yourself with the new PHOTON FLUX BELT that your region of the Solar System is passing through for your inner freedom and awakening. There is going to be those that connect with the gems, crystals, animals, nature and galactic sounds coming to your planets. This Enki Empire is waging a war of those from the Orion Console and the Pleiadian Lemurian groups that are now facing down this psychopath and his Arcon parasites of that infected mind.

This war is what destroyed Atlantis and Tiamat and many of the other planets that this rebel has compromised. Many of his sickly have been cordoned off and locked into your planet Saturn. Time does heal and many are now ready to be awakened to their real history and many memories of your ancient soul knowing will be coming online. Hence the high energy of the rulers to vaccinate your children and deaden your senses with poisons like aluminium oxide and fluoride. Even your current wars with Syria has to do with Enki’s operatives in the ancient deep underground areas. These beings you know as the Reptilian Annunaki are being discovered as very active in Antarctica and as well as other out posts.

There lies a war that goes beyond your Hollywood or Christian understanding much like the Empire Strikes Back. They are telling you so that you will have a mind knowing that they ‘told you’. There are armies of interdimensional beings working with you as you awaken from your dreams to the real understanding of the greater picture. Your very society is corrupted and the leaders are just mere puppets and the real disclosure will happen very soon. For many, you already know the Matrix is real. You need to heal and claim your boundaries from those that do not serve your highest spiritual awakening. Form the collective consciousness that is not based on fear but love and learn of the Universal teaching of Thoth and the return of RA.

For they will be cleaning house very soon.


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