When you speak, you use sound to deliver messages in the form of language. But do you even realise that in the very tone of your voice is the transmission of your state of being? All the emotions and feelings are resonating in your tones and vibrations through sound. As wave creates the sound so does sound create vibration. Yet so much of the time we are not even cognisant of this form of expression. Yet we are aware how some people’s voices show power and happiness and others weakness and doubt and this goes beyond the content of the words even though they are essential.

Your ears are so important to hear for these are a very impactful part of your senses. Music is a form of harmonic medicine or poison as well. It can uplift you and increase your imagination and heighten your awareness and temperament. Sound creates vibrations of frequencies that resonate throughout all of nature. You hold the keynotes to your tranquillity by your selection of sounds around you. Take this as strong medicine for that is what it is. Soon your world will use sound to levitate working with the primal nature of the hidden sounds in all forms. Everything has sound and frequency.

Even the microbes that infect your healthy bodies and turn them into hosts, they all are sound and frequency based. Sound can heal and soon you will discover that sound also has waveforms and frequency scales that have to resonate energies that match the life near them. In Atlantis, they used crystals and sound with colour to store information, to reprogram and impress upon nature their creative knowledge, not against nature but with harmonic synchronicity. The very buildings were staged to amplify these principles of form location to the lay lines and magnetic force lines that permeate all of the earth.

By using sound in conjunction with the mind they were able to speak to the planet and it would delight in the magnification of sound and energy waves in the very stones that were made up of her. There is so much to remember that was once upon the planet to create a wondrous field of creation upon the earth. But these sciences are being repressed by the overlords and are being kept out of reach from the public. But here this knowledge is the key to freedom. For vibrations can shatter the cage of the controllers and tumble their control over you.

Study the effects of sound with your crystals and the use of colour and light in your meditation for this will greatly free you. Listen to the tone of your voice, if it is negative do a mantra to encode a change. This will make a world of difference in your experiences in life and as always let your selection of food be the “tuning fork” for the vibrations of the fuel you take within.


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