While in a mind frame of reference in this Matrix the programs are collected of all your affairs completed or uncompleted, and there are files set up in your mind that are encoded with emotional responses. Some are pleasurable, some are painful and some are neural nets of fear and anxiety. However, while in the soul connection when one is out of their mind they know things and they see the whole format and this is the state one must arrive at in order to get a handle on the human experience. As long as you believe that others will take care of you or some religious God created by the religions of the world and the controllers then you will be stuck in The Matrix.

You see that’s what keeps you here, it’s all your reaction that links you to plug in here. So the first order of affairs to gain in your power is to unplug and step back. Emotions light up and amplify on whatever you’re focusing on. So if what you’re focusing on is unresolved and threatening it becomes fear and releases intense emotional energies and this is what deadlocks your creative energy and makes you unable to cope with the situation. When you step back and realise you’re a sovereign being and nothing can harm you unless you choose, then it is so. If you turn yourself against yourself in the act of fear and worry then that comes from your own creation.

The art of meditation is used to step back and basically reboot your life and your activities. Much of your anxieties come from your concept of time and deadlines so you think, but as your body ages so do you. Never forget you’re the driver in the machine and eventually you will find another. But so many of you get a scratch on the machine and you take it to heart. You become so connected to the machines you’re in that you forget they are to take you places and experiences. Once again, this is the overlay that you commit to. When you get to the point where you can pull your soul away from all that you’re involved with and become one with the radiant presence within, you cease to feed all that holds you in reaction.

And by unplugging you can stop the printing of the three-dimensional commands they keep running in your head. So when you find this inner radiance in peace then you can gain a greater perspective, that you are in charge of who you are and what you want to become. When you take the stance of sovereignty for who and what you are no government, institution, religion or entity can take you over. Fear is the only tool that all institutions have over you, when you react with fear you are controlled. Do understand there are obligations and commitments that you must follow through in life but do so with mindfulness from your whole being, not the reactionary self of the mind. In doing so your energies will be focused and you’ll be able to take care of your tasks effortlessly.

All in all, you need completing and bringing into order with people, institutions and yourself. Don’t miss getting your affairs in order. Until you face your pile of debris you will carry it all around with you and other people will react to you based on the pile of your unfinished business within yourself. Dear souls, it is best to know yourself and who and what you are and want to be. Then you are dynamic free agents in the Universe and this is the greatest power that you can achieve. It isn’t your mask so that your props are all that you hope to be in your defence mechanisms, for if you’re unstable at the core nothing will make you strong. Once you have connected to your core and radiant, your soul can germinate again in your form and you will become a very dynamic being to your own right.

Remember maintenance is important as well as recreation. Learn the art of being frugal and you will not expense your soul into this dimension that entraps you. For all passions and desires are what hold you to The Matrix and often the propaganda of corporate programming will entice you beyond good measure. You will know where you are by the restlessness of your soul or the calmness of your soul. But if you make knowledge and wisdom your goal you will have harvested the secrets of life.


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