You are a vessel of energy, a receiver of LIGHT and you plug into whatever circuits you wish willingly or unwillingly. This your choice, to charge yourself up and connect to what makes you feel good or to connect with that which you download that makes you feel drained and weak. Contrary to the propaganda you are responsible for yourself and your own actions, unless of course you’re part of the herd and the sleeping dead.

The sleeping dead graze on the fields of illusion and comfort themselves with the knowing that they know everything and are taken care of and they never excel in life. They limit themselves and are afraid of anyone else that dares to stand on their own two feet and go journeying beyond the herd. For they hide in the wolves of their thoughts with their religion, their social pressures and peers and everybody must look the same with no distinction.

They all follow their lords and the wild dogs that run them, control them and herd them to their own whims. Part of waking up is to know you do not have to be one of the sheep but you will definitely stand out if you’re in the herd. Oh but to transform into a wolf from a black sheep is the goal. For you run the knowledge of the Moon of why there are those in the illusion and asleep in the herds, and to you you’re on the path and they fear you.

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For the soul can take on any form that uses to identify with bodies, which are merely a tool and the imprints of the herds. If you’re stuck to their opinions and worry about how you’ll fit in then you’ll never be different for they are so limiting by their nature, they’re all the same. They fear the unknown and collectively they believe in their safety and they’re only safe in their numbers, so be the wolf.

Strengthen your teeth and sharpen them with your power and walk the path of the LIGHT of the Moon in the wildness of Nature. Dare to go where you want to be, for you to not need the herds but only your clan of other wolves. If you need to wear the skins of their beliefs so that you may be a wolf in a sheep’s skin, clever will you be like the lawyers in your law of the controllers that run your world.

While they mock the ignorance of the pack and fleece you for their own agendas and the herders become your Lords, collectively did they have the power to tell you that you too are a wolf. So dear souls, cry out into the night of your soul and praise the unknowingness of the Universe that knows you, and you know it for you think outside the herd, the box of ignorance and pack-minded belief systems.

A wolf is not a sheep and not part of the herd, it walks with nature in the voices of the Moon.


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