Pay attention or attention will make you pay, for when you find the space of the soul connection your world will open up to Hue. Trouble not your minds with the worldly events of others stumbling in the dark. Find your inner light and knowing. In the subtleties of your walk you must listen to the voices of reason and your nature spirits that will greet you. They know of their mother and of the Universal presence that abounds in the very forces of life. That is why they do not worry and are one with the world and the cycles of nature. Remember to forget so that you can know. The ways of man are not always to your path and purpose.

Be ever vigilant of the moments when you feel the break in your energies around others, they will either add pleasantness or discord. Just remember, you ‘know nothing’ to others that are not of your vibrations that take you down. Know that magnets only pick up elements that can be attracted and some are more favourable than others. Weight not yourself in the sinking of others with the manipulations by your kindness. It is admirable to care for others but keep the inner provisions of your heart to maintain your flame or you will not be a light upon the world to shine the way.

Much sickness is contagious by bad frequencies. If you feel this, break the connection and do not download this into your mind and body. For it will take your charge and high state down to their level and this does not serve you. Feed the plants in your garden that you want with your resources and let the negative weeds fend for themselves. Dear souls it is ok to LOVE YOURSELF, for in order to love you must have your inner candle of light and knowledge. Wrestle not with the containers that are full and know everything with their titles, for they are saturated in their ignorance and myopic.

A true soul is on the path of wisdom and knowledge and can still reason when it is time to change perceptions and facts for new inspiration and views. In the Universe, there are many realms and realities, all of which you decide to dwell collectively and this is always changing for the growth of the soul. Get off your knees and make YOUR LIFE HAPPEN, that is why you are who HUE are. Religions and views that know everything will not serve you. They will keep you as sheep for the slaughter and limited to your potential. Morals and integrity should never be compromised to your inner score card. Fear and guilt are those tools of the limiters.


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