Let the sun infiltrate your bones and feed your piezoelectric semiconductor calcium ionic bone structure. Let the liquid crystal of the fluids in your body vibrate the presence of your being in wave formation that is of love and clarity. For thoughts held set up the very fields of your vibrations of what you are claiming the world to be, and you can change and reconfigure consciously with feelings and images if you are of the study and knowing.

So greet the sun with open arms, the light that makes life possible. For it connects you to SOURCE and in time you will be able to stare at the sun in the morning and evening without it being too intense. You will have taken yourself to the vibrations of the light and there will be no distance, for light burns illusion that is held out of harmony and in poor vibration. Turn to the Sun and get your inner light there, not from the shadows of others that walk in front of your light.

If you try to hold light it will burn you by the resistance of your state of being. When you radiate light it flows through HUE. That is why holding creates heat, and reflecting light in your understanding and flow does not. For light of the soul is a state of being in harmony with all life, and seeing this in others encourages them to see their light. No different than an ocular lens, you see what you focus on and you can focus energy by your desire to see and your mindset.

This will separate the white light into different hues of colour all attenuating the focus of your connections through the 7 rays of your body wheels of energy. So keep them spinning and in-sync for each is an expression. Like the notes on a piano you play melody with your hands in each note you strike. So practice life till you flow with the direct connection of your soul’s expression.


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