Do not hold your anger to breed pressure and more of same, otherwise it loses relevance to the state of now. It is our reactions to protect ourselves, which is often the case that becomes more damaging than the real issues. Some of which is not the situation but triggers of our own past rejections of pain and hurt that is somehow pointing to our account files of mental storage banks. This brings in interest of the past that is not of the moment situation but a past reaction that was not vented, and so it is a dumping process not a solution which can fling missiles to others that do not even deserve the reaction.

This plagues humans for even the defenceless children of reactive parents become the target for dumping of others pains and sorrows. This breeds more of the same negative charges into the world. So before you anger and outburst to others think, observe and write down your processes and have an objective reality of how patterns have been set that may need some adjustment and overview of your own shortcomings. One must be clear at their core and this takes work and processing. You will know you have charges that are out of balance when you see your abode in chaos and you have anger to groups, races or issues that you have connected to with your opinions.

01 Starseed

In order to be free from this cycle, you must do your mental and spiritual homework and maintenance. You are not selected to do this, it is fact and the nature of the state of your societies and the hardened disconnect you have from your souls and the spirits of nature. The key is to see, feel and take to the dump your negative mojo for it is only the results of pain and discounts you keep trying to right and this will fall on death ears, for people want to be with good vibrations and happy hearts.

So if you put more energy into finding the goodness and happiness in people and sending joy, the return on your investment will be a bank of good thoughts and people that know you as pleasant and dynamic. Handle your changes and pace yourself, after all in your very DNA are the memories of all your ancestors and their knowledge and information that you must process as challenges and resources of your character. Here is all the pain of mankind, the victories and meaning that you must rewrite into a stasis of balance for your clan and ancestors. Change begins with HUE, you colour your perceptions based on your pains and joys.

So know and heal, it is of great undertaking.


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