As the chapters continue among your species, you are ever watched and controlled by your hidden governments, banking and religious figureheads as to what to believe as a planetary social group of races. My message to you is that you have consciousness of a soul spark that travels in and out of many different life forms for experiences throughout endless Universes, and there are many. With that said, living on your planet you call Earth there are many sentient beings encapsulated in organic forms that differ vastly from your Adamic forms.

Even within your human forms are many races with drastically different features of DNA, all compatible to intermingle and procreate. Recently your scientists have able to determine a complete genome of information in your DNA that contains many strains of Reptilian sequencing polypeptides. In short, your species is very complicated and not sectioned to just one specific humanoid blueprint. Upon your planet are species of Reptilians that have been here for almost a million years and dwelled in caves deep in the Earth and deep in the ocean that are just as sentient and more than your genetic makeup.

Until recently we have chosen to stay away from contact with your species. Your secret governments discovered us about 80 years ago and with your secret tunnels and deep underground bases you have disrupted many of our inhabitants and have caused wars and destruction which is the nature of your species. Our civilisations were seeded here a long time ago, and at one time we walked among you during the Sumerian times and when Atlantis was at its glory. We made much trade with minerals and metals with these races for other commodities that were value added.

The Hopi Indians called the dwellers The Ant People that dwelled down inside the earth. You can see the marking in ancient caves in the Grand Canyon as well as the Egyptian and Atlantean connection. Of course, this is all being hidden and is forbidden archeology. Fear is the medium to control you. Conquer fear with knowledge and self-awareness. If you are at all perceptive you will see how religions are used to manipulate your own knowledge through fear and self-destruction of the Sovereign self. It is all business as usual.

“The creatures of the serpents (Reptilian) gave man the knowledge of his god self. And the oppressive church has turned this around to bring you back into being ‘pets’ and numbed down as sheep. And what did they learn? The bible was an interpretation and an agenda. The disclosure is just beginning. Let’s keep the Dark Ages from reoccurring with religious fanaticism. The “gods” rule by fear, oppression and prescriptive programming. Get enough people to believe it and it becomes a collective reality. Look at the historical scorecard of Christianity and it proves to be an Elite agenda to control the masses”.

In God we trust is printed on all the notes of the religion of money and the belief in money. Now is a brief window to know for a term, so study while you can and know there is equally much misinformation that turns truth into the ridiculous. So dear souls gather your pieces of the puzzle that you align with and you will find your path. Just remember, the herd will try to control your thinking and reality by the collect belief of their brainwashing.

Remove the elements of fear, judgement and hell and you will see things in a different light with your inner compass and you will not need the “saving” graces of the sin evil sacrifices formulated in the scriptures. For Karma and payment in full for all your good deeds and corrupted deeds is always administered as your soul charge card. During the deluge of the planet, we have broken off our connection with humans. Much of the human population was destroyed and had to start all over again to get to where your current level is.

I am reaching out to you to tell you that many of you have been told that the Reptilians are war mongers and devils determined by your stories written by your churches and some misinterpreted individuals that know of us. We are not all this way and have a very advanced culture and society with understanding of the universal principles of your world. Of course, there are differences. Many of our ancestors from far away will be coming very soon, and you will see many of our ships and try to fire at them with your weapons, you have been versed and will be versed that we are your enemies.

I have been working with this channel to inform you that your planet is about to go through another set of events and many of us will be working to guide many of you to safety more buried inside the earth. So I am reaching out to start a series of dialogues with you about this. In the meantime, understand that throughout the Universe are many forms that may seem foreign and beyond your grasp at this time because these bodies are not mammalian in your images.

Please keep an open mind that the souls are ever adapting to many forms and we mean you no harm.

Sameassshuwa (working with Quential and Anna)

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