As one is in service to others never forget to be in service to yourself first. On your world you have this turned around. This is how you are manipulated and programmed. This message WE teach is wisdom and knowledge first from within.  Remember there are many of us working on your world to encourage your evolution of self core and self mastery.

When you are fixing your food, feed yourself first then you can offer the balance to the needy. For if you are weak and ill you cannot help others. WE say build your forces and your frequency first and foremost.  You have to be healthy before you can even attempt to heal others. Remember, your world is a very turbulent realm for a reason. You must find sound judgment in yourself first and know your knowing.

Be not dependent on the Churches or the Masters to nurse you. We are attracted to the strong that have the fight and the hunger for knowledge and we work with them, for their souls are not corrupted with poor self images and they can be put on track very easily to their centre of light.  Understand dear ones, that when the gravity is falling of the being it must first hit ground to awaken before spirit can aid in their change of course.

In short dear ones, learn to be discretionary in your use of compassion for others with this in mind. Do understand, until you pass the grade you cannot move to the next level. This is why when someone is very terminal in ill health they sometimes recover miraculously. We oftentimes intercede to correct the body when the lesson has been learned by the sickness, and the termination of the body is no longer necessary.

The key point here dear ones, it is your growth, self love, empowerment and union with UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE PRESENCE that runs through every living thing. So sickness is really a choice of choices and the effects of misguided life habits. Ask the soul to quicken and it will listen, know this. This is the supreme reason for being at odds and in alignment, to distinguish the true knowing of ignorance and self realisation.


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