There’s a time to think, time to study, a time to put the mind down to rest and there is time to use your mind for creative imagination guided by your soul. The mind works with two principles. It can lead you and be a wonderful tool, or it can pull you astray. The awakened mind encapsulates the presence of the “Superman” or the superconsciousness.

When one is empowering the nature of their soul is manifested in their present physical form, and this is the goal, this is the union of the Mind, Body and Soul.  But it will not always maintain that way. Just like the sun has clouds, so does our sense of presence and purpose dissipate now and then. The point here is to seek your wisdom as a sailor would. To navigate through rough waters and to know the signals and to prepare yourself.

Remember, rough seas distinguish the Great Captain and his ability to respond with the knowing. Nothing is static and things are always changing about you. It’s how you react to them that creates your emotional connection. The soul must master the learning of detachment; an understanding that it’s just an experience and a process. Grab the rudder of your mind and trim your sails of time and action to stay on course and adjust to the circumstances.

Never forget the power of availability. For to navigate and plan your destiny and know when to change course you will get to your destination skillfully. That is a recommendation, for a life where one is a master and captain of their ship.  One must understand the nature of their course and the obstacles, as well as the provisions necessary for their journey and goals.

This is the difference between an awakened soul and mind, and one that is adrift and complacent, static, tossed and turned, without preparation for forces that comes into their experiences. All of which is your choice and your activity, for you create your life.  Remember your soul. When you do, you will awaken. For your soul has been through many realms and is quite wise.


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