You are but the power of your self beliefs. The potential depths that you live your life are the accelerator or the restrictive governor of your abilities. What is held in the mind of self-perception is also the stasis of your emotions.  Collectively you are enhanced, whether that be a positive thing to the soul or a negative, that is your choosing.  Be in touch with your feelings, and if you do not like what you are feeling look within and ask yourself what is the issue.

The body is a machine. It is chemically reactive to the foods and nourishment you place in it to combust. Do you give yourself high performance food or just stuff it mindlessly with junk foods?  The best experience in life is when you have motivation and a thrill and wonder to live for. Ask yourself “do you have such a cause to live for?”. When you get to the ability to be a love-based giver to one another you will have the currents of the divine flowing within you.

Beings on your planet are bored because they have no goals and plans to evolve and wonder to the understanding of themselves. This makes them perfect candidates to need deadening substances and meaningless external stimuli imputed into their eyes and ears. This is why so many people on your planet are only a few notches above being dead.  Can you sit in nature and listen? Can you be still? There is such joy in your world and opportunity to explore yourself, your world and the inner realms.

Unlock your mind’s ability and dream, create a new presence of love and service to your fellow man and to yourself.  Path your minds to the knowing of the wisdom of the ages and induce perfection to your view. Take time to pattern each day’s improvements to your knowing and study the teachings of the enlightened.


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