Your realities are the hybrids of both your dreams and love. They can be your greatest nightmares or your greatest visions and creations. But all the magic is when two hearts and minds unite in creation and love. For love creates life and is the union of two opposite polarities catching the ethers with desire and form. Such is the creation of life.

This is where we came from and this is the crying to all the ancestors to step upon the world again. Remember, part of yourselves are your very thoughts and experiences of your ancient families encoded into your DNA. Every dream, every fear, every desire and every lesson from the beginning.

You are what you are, like it or not you can only affect the moment by mastering yourself and being the cause of your effect. It is all recorded in the blueprints of your very vortices about you. Just remember that which you feel imprints upon the form of the body and is the building blocks of your character.

And so very valuable each and every one of you are in this process of time and space. So achieve and be happy and bring to life your most sacred visions. All is formed by the blending of feeling and thoughts held in mind. This is the principle of creation and you are all creators of your experiences that shape and flavour the world collectively.

The secret is to find those of similar realities and you will amplify your expressions of what you think it all means. But truly the masters know differently and step beyond the world of the earthbound man’s perceptions, hopes and desires.


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