Your consciousness expands through information and energy and is influenced by your connection with one another and your environment. It is the energy that emanates from your hearts and minds that determines your understanding of your path. The soul yearns for new wondrous experiences and it is the fluctuations of fear, attachment and lack of trust in your sovereignty that compromises your vision. Feeling your eternal light of the soul brings you freedom for you are all boundless creative beings.

Remember the law of attraction and magnetism and be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and your words. It is your doubts about your power which holds you back, for you are what you think and feel you are. Just being conscious of your divinity and your talents will empower you and bring you back to centre with the light of the heart. Take full control of your life and bless yourself through knowledge of yourself. And remember, it is important for you to be fully conscious in your reactions towards people.

Through every important decision you must access your inner wisdom. Your reactions are by choice and not necessity, know this. When you truly know your SELF, you are conscious of any imbalances and old hidden intentions brought to form from previous lives and you can rectify this. Just by changing your view on things you re-write your soul’s blueprint. Your desires show you your passions which illuminate the way to your soul’s mission. It is your doubts about your capabilities which hold you back.

Your mind’s conditioning to fear is processed through the limbic and hind brain which replays past traumas and affects the freedom and light of your cosmic consciousness. This restrictive energy will block the flow of your awakening heart and this is why it is so important for you to become conscious of your emotions for they can become unconscious habits that will keep you trapped in an endless cycle of processing. Move beyond the fear-based analytic thinking, and tear down the old fear-thinking patterns and any false conclusions and emotions that you have attached to these.

But be vigilant, for the emotional dangers of manipulators are very prevalent. They seek to take advantage of your sensitivity and are all about their self-serving hidden agendas so you need to be conscious and very aware of the dangers these beings can have upon your experience. Remember, it is your choice with who you merge your consciousness with and this will have an effect upon your state of mind and heart. Your soul’s wisdom from past lives can bring you knowledge, inspiration, unlock your hidden talents, and connect you fully to your cause.

It is through the light of your ‘heart consciousness’ that you access your intuition and knowing which brings infinite love and creativity to this realm through the awareness of your evolving soul. The passions of the heart are very real and are amplified with divine faith in oneself. Take each moment of your life with the unwavering trust in your sovereignty and power, even when you may feel like you are being led away from what you hold as truth.

For here lies your divinity, having the knowledge of your sacred truth.


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