Knowing how to treat others and having respect for all life in the Universe creates the most powerful dynamic energy which in turn will effect your soul’s destiny. Your inner power is being conscious of all the possibilities that life presents to you. Your spiritual growth is built upon your faith and trust and it is confidence within ‘yourself’ that must first be placed, with you being unequivocal in your actions.

Having spiritual trust is a very powerful force for the evolution of the soul. Your heartfelt decisions have fire and power when you trust the spirit within. Your faith connects you to your inner needs where you can manifest your desires with confident expectations. Having faith in the heart brings you freedom from the gravity of negative thoughts and emotions such as doubt, fear and endless wanting.

In every moment, you broadcast your intentions via your emotions and this is a self-actualised choice which can connect you deeper to your own inner power and knowing if you choose. When you are conscious and with clear intentions you can purposely create your life. Your soul wishes to change that which no longer serves your growth by releasing negative relationships, situations and old habits which inhibit your development.

You must have trust in your sovereignty, for without the knowledge of your inner power you will remain stagnant. Trust in the power of your eternal soul and remember your ‘choice’ of thought, behaviour pattern and focus. These are strong indicators of present-life lessons brought forth from the past, so being conscious of your feelings enables you to release that which no longer serves you.

Your difficult lessons bring you endless opportunities to heal and grow through the understanding and willingness to change. So release your self judgments and never lose faith in the LIGHT that radiates from deep within your hearts.


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