Some souls are taken by the wind and grow the wings to fly. Some souls take to the waters of the sea to face the currents and uncertainty of life. Some take to the fields to toil and grow in the sun and soil. While others go to the cities and carnivals and look for the pleasures of the world of man and his circus and stages. And some souls have lived, and are on the path to return to the inner connection of love and knowledge.

Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life has shown you? In your life you have had the dances of love, and the wars of hate. You have tested your power and have dreamed to be. For what? It is only in the experiences of life that you learn what it is you want and do not want. But the greatest tragedy is if you are stuck and bored with your life. This is when you must go to nature and purge those things that keep you stuck.

Often changing patterns in your life like diet, exercise and going for the path of the food for the soul is all that you need to make great changes. You are always moving and becoming, never forget you do not need to be stuck. Sometimes a little motivation by a dream contact from your soul can start the ball rolling for major changes. Know that when you are on the path your soul needs for both of you, things will naturally fall into place.

Never underestimate the power of spirit when it sees the opportunity for you to grow and gain wisdom and love. The only hindrances sometimes are your choices to hold onto negative experiences without releasing them. This can be seen with chaotic patterns around you. Learn to respect yourself first and foremost and quicken to the guidance of your soul. Regain your friendship and respect to your soul so that it can be proud of HUE.

The action you start will be the first step in climbing the mountain, and sometimes you just need to get into shape. The better the shape you are to act with deeds that are in balance the easier it is for you to succeed. You dear souls are doomed to being the creators of your presence, forever. So the time is now to be what you are in perfection and balance yourself with love self, respect and kindness to all living things.

For the frequencies of love and balance greatly affect what comes to you with experiences.


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