People have their agendas. Know that when you meet them. Usually their agendas are based on something that they want from you. Keep your eyes open for their motives for some of these people are workers and insincere and do not have your best interests. When you bring them into your life they will cause havoc. The more you involve yourself with people as friends, lovers and business associates you are making contracts and bonds that you plug into.

This will influence many chains of events in your life that would have been otherwise different. So be mindful of your connections with intimacy for it has consequences in the history of your life. Your emotional states and level of awareness plays an important governor for your experiences with people, so choose wisely to honour yourself. The core of peoples’ soul and nature does not change so quickly and ultimately everyone’s true nature comes to the surface.

This is the time when people either come to terms and learn to listen, love and play together or they go their separate ways with both parties hurting. Take no one for granted and be selective to your involvements with people and your life will stay on a course that is best correlated to your soul’s mission. Just remember to find yourself first before trying to find something with others, for this will lead you into the unknown that can have grave consequences.

If you seek a companion ask your soul to find one for you that best aligns with your nature, for you are all on different paths and states of your soul evolution. When the surface charm of bodies begin to lose their sparkle, you had better have some soul connection or you will become enemies of your own failures and disappointments. It is always best to have a deep connection within yourself as your foundation. This allows for more discretion in your life.

Never base your life solely on one person to complete and make you, for you will lose necessary time of life for your own growth. Oh, but when you find people that have hearts of gold and you associate with them and have a deep bond of trust, life can be amplified in enjoyment. Just remember, life upon your world has many different levels of realisation and realities.

If you seek a soul mate or companion, slip on the shoe and walk around in it. The nature of their soles should aid and comfort your feet in a good foundation and not be too tight or loose. For when you are close to someone you often where their shoes.


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