Start the day with the command of what it is you want to do, for what you believe the day to be will continue YOUR reality. Is it not better to plan a day to achieve and direct your energies to create your focal point? If you start your day seeding negative continuance of misery then that it what you will feed to bring into your life dear creators. Imagine if you have to, and “pretend” the best and happiest outcome. This pre-tending will manifest your focus and this will become your desire.

When life presents to you challenges they are for your growth. When you use your mind and plan a strategy in your life you are tending the outcome to great measure. Castaway negative people and complete the cycles so that you can begin to be as far away from their nightmares manifesting in your dreams. The world has plentiful of negative entities that want to sulk and do their tantrums and as long as you facilitate them by reacting and staying tied to these destructive ones they will continue to take great tolls on your mental and physical health.

Actions and harmony are more meaningful than a pile of religious beliefs that do not address the source of your core that needs to change and let go. For as things enter your mind and psyche they are recorded and it is only you that can open up the door to remove these scripts and forces that you have chosen to identify with. Understand you are all processing and learning and are totally responsible for your actions, deeds and expression. So believe great things to be for yourself and create a masterpiece.

A little foresight and discipline goes a long way to making good habits within yourself. Just remember, the more conscious you are when you disrupt your inner peace and higher frequencies you will feel it deeply when you are not being what you are meant to be.


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