There are so many different levels of people’s awareness. People are generally good in their natures but just a little out of balance. Not hard to comprehend in a world that is controlled, where you are so busy just trying to survive in an abundant world ruled by a bullying demonic agenda. Gone are the real keepers of the world. Be in the moment and totally aware of nature and your energies with awareness of the frequencies, not in the movements of the herd. The world is being overgrazed by the ignorant sheep that are all being led by their LORDS.

The world is being systematically brainwashed and there are great events that are about to occur. You are starting to see it with many volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and seasons that are out of character. You will even notice that the days seem to be lasting longer as the earth axis is moving. The world leaders will offer you diversions with wars and fear to distract you. Prepare, for you are going to see Biblical proportions of events very soon, then that may get your attention.

Great armies that are part of the United Nations are being assembled to deal with the millions of people scrambling for their lives. You have been warned, trust your instincts. Much geo upheaval for the changes are occurring as our solar system enters the Plasma Clouds and the binary sun and planet come into your solar systems, be ready. They will deceive you with propaganda and holographic projections and spacecraft of their higher technologies that are in their private bases.

The elite have been planning this for a long time and they will be starting at this time massive genocide. And to those that took the vaccines you will know of great changes in your health conditions for you have been marked with very deadly RNA genomes that will be triggered by controlled sequencing of the activator air born discharges. For you the sheep, this is not a good condition with the LORDS that rule and govern your world. All of this is in the manuscripts and hidden knowledge stolen from the old world and the books and knowledge in Alexandria.

The controlling church has the knowledge and time of all the events that are to occur in your world. Their agenda is for themselves and their interdimensional beings that do not honour your existence that they work with as their keepers. Even what you ‘think’ has been seeded by their covert agendas, so look at what you believe. It may not be the real truth of the Universe but an agenda pattern to harness your life forces and keep you dumbed down and limited sheep.


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