Things are only as hard as we make them to be. It is yourselves that often create your greatest challenges in life, and it is your perspectives and fears that often work against your creative flow in your daily affairs. The fact of the matter is, you get imprints and coded rejections of earlier disappointments in your lives which have become reactionary baggage and self-limitations.

This is the fog in your minds and behaviour to situations that require a new perspective and problem solving. Your lives repeat the lessons and continue to fall down until you learn your footing and balance in life. But it is up to you to pick yourself up when you fall and stop crying and learn to get your balance again, life is like that. Sometimes it is your damaged memories that become your greatest challenge to your potential, but such is life.

Either you learn and get your lessons or you will not overcome the simple acts of walking on your own two feet. Now I must impress upon you that when you clear your past rejections and replace these episodes with victories to overcome your skeletons in the closet, then you begin to transform your perspective and realise that life is not as hard as undoing the vast amount of energy you put into your life by self-sabotage.

If you truly want to change, know yourself and inventory your habits and correct the continuances of negative patterns. Sometimes just cleaning the entry into your house and rooms will release stagnate energy that becomes sickly which always impresses upon your psyche as disturbances. Try cleaning up your clutter and changing your diet to purer food and you will ask yourself from your new perspective why you were so negligent.

Do understand dear souls, you understand on many levels the changes you need to make. It will always impress upon you as unfinished business until you do. This drains your energy for the new things that can and will come into your space as the opportunity you have been waiting for. As the current must flow at polarity points in a battery it is vital to keep your connections tight and clean to your soul or there will be no charge flowing.

Many times in your life you just need to clean your terminals to get a jump start in your lives. Activation of growth does take your effort and desire if that is what you wish. But again, this is what distinguishes the enlightened growing souls from the wandering sheep.


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