Levels and grades is how we see the soul’s growth and such a vast level of training for each of you, from basic boot camp to refined arts and science. But the greatest challenge for souls is to remain flexible and loving through all tests. The heart beats in rhythm and the breath is in sync, so is it for you to see that all things come and go through your life as breath. So, holding onto things that are temporal is like holding your breath.

Learning to calm your breath and to breathe deep and full is the first step in mastering your meditations, so is it to your life. Material things should come and go in and about you, and never should they rob you of your soul’s breath in their pursuit. As soon as you learn to let things go they will not weight you down in your life and this goes for just about everything.

It is all a process of learning the art of holding momentarily and letting go, for all things material are not what HUE are. They are but mirrors upon your way to see yourself in all expressions, forever changing. Life is precious and it is temporal, but to the soul that understands none attachment to things and outcomes, this one will not be hurt by disappointments and the need for things beyond good measure.

The more you try to carry, the less distance in your ascension you can achieve because the material has the mass that holds you. But those that turn to the joys of happiness by the expression of love they will abound in the soul’s core of expression and not be estranged by the stale worldly things that are always demanding your attention for fulfilment.

Learn to find good health and enjoy the spiritual depths of wisdom and you will not be lonely or disappointed, ever.


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