You can try all your life to be something, but when you hold your desire with action and intention you manifest what it is you really wanted to achieve. Pay attention, sometimes you get bored because the features of your indulgences no longer stimulate your mind and soul. Activity is life and stillness can be seen as death. What better way to die and live the encounters of your mind, and somewhere there is balance between the two.

Sometimes there are intermissions so that the scene can be replaced by the actors in your life. That is why people come and go in and out of your life. Too much of one thing leaves no new flavour. Learn to spice up your life by allowing new flavours and new settings now and then. Break things up from the patterns of repetition when you are bored. This is when it is time to explore new interests and settings.

Things are always changing, so you should always adapt to the seasons as they cross by your life. What may interest you today may bore you in the future. Oh, but learning and having inner visions or insight, that is glorious. You see, wisdom always passed through time has value and never loses its lustre. Wisdom is immutable to the human mind and soul.

What you find as judgements in others are only the issues you have not resolved in yourself. People will be what they are, that is their choice and freedom. Leave them be, for you have plenty to work with building yourselves into perfection. Never bring yourself in the party of communal anger and aggression, for this is the epitome of blindness grasping for answers.

Love and only love can transmute negativity into light, so respect others and avoid the ignorant.


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